1. Any reservations by Tamworth Borough Council for a hire of a football pitch is made in the firm understanding that the Council shall be indemnified against all actions, claims, damages, charges, costs and expenses whatsoever in respect of injury to the person or loss of or damage to property which may arise directly or indirectly as a result of the granting of an application to hire a football pitch.
  2. Applicants should arrange for suitable first aid equipment and access to a telephone to be available, and are also strongly advised to arrange their own insurance policy to cover third party and public liability claims.
  3. SAFEGUARDING - All local Authorities, including district/borough councils in England, have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults who are at risk of abuse and neglect. Safeguarding children and adults who are at risk of abuse and neglect is everyone’s responsibility. Applicants for use of Tamworth Borough Council Football pitches will have to confirm they have read understood and are willing to comply with Tamworth Borough Council’s safeguarding children and adult at risk of abuse and neglect policy. Any regulated activity which involves working directly with children and young people under the age of 18 – such as managers, coaches and volunteers must also undertake safeguarding training appropriate to their role and level of responsibility. Applications received for Junior Clubs must include an up to date Safeguarding policy and contact name and number of their Welfare Officer.
  4. Applications for pitch hire will only be accepted if made on the forms provided (one team per application) and returned to Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth B79 7BZ no later than date specified on the Application Form. Applicants must be over 18 and will be liable for any outstanding fees.
  5. Confirmed season bookings entitles you to a pitch every other weekend to include league and established cup games on the allocated day and time throughout the duration of the season. (Allowance will be made for bad weather). Any new/additional cup competitions for the season programmed outside original cup games will incur additional costs as per Friendlies (see item 5).
  6. Friendly Matches – Requests for booking additional football pitches outside to the league season, must be received by no later than 7 days prior to the game. Application forms are available on our website: Please note cash payments are no longer accepted. Payment can be made online by visiting and clicking on “Pay it online” then “Make a Payment online here” then select “Miscellaneous Payments” and “football pitches” from the drop down menu.
  7. Cancellation of pitches must be made 24 hours prior to the match or you will be charged for the use of the pitch.
  8. The decision to cancel games is at the discretion of Tamworth Borough Council and will be made on the Friday morning. The League will be notified of any cancellations, thereafter, the decision to cancel matches is at the discretion of the referee. For information on weekend pitch cancellations, teams are asked to look on the League website.
  9. Season Pitch Hire invoices will be raised and all pitch fees must be paid by the due date stated on the invoice. Tamworth Borough Council will begin recovery proceedings for the full outstanding balance for outstanding payment by the deadline notified on the invoice. Non-payment of fees may result in withdrawal of Tamworth Borough Council facilities.
  10. Once the season has commenced, should your club/team decide that their allocated pitch is no longer required you must notify the Council in writing as soon as possible (email is acceptable if from Chairman or club secretary). Failure to notify in writing may result in additional administration charges. If a team terminate their football pitch agreement before the end of the season, then the team will liable for the whole seasons fees. No refund will be given for the monies already received.
  11. CAR PARKING - All hirers of pitches should make use of the officially designated car park. No vehicles will be allowed on or near the playing surface. The Council will not allow any parking on grassed areas.
  12. Users of the Council’s parks facility pitches must always pay due regard to the proximity of local residents and park users, to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. When parking at parks facility pitches the Council request that consideration be given to residents and other road users. Inconsiderate/illegal parking may result in enforcement action.
  13. Anti-Social Behaviour - Any reported incidents of anti-social behaviour, including foul language and plays changing in the street will be taken very seriously and may lead to the cancellation of football pitch hire agreements. Any decision taken by the Council in this respect will be final.
  14. ANY LITTER FOUND AROUND THE FOOTBALL PITCH IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOME TEAMS TO COLLECT. Players and supporters will be expected to dispose of their litter responsibly and a charge will be made if they fail to do so. Any individual witnessed littering may incur an £80 fixed penalty fine.
  15. All teams and officials must comply with the Code of Conduct and the COVID-19 Conditions both of which are attached to this application. Any team/ team member/ club official or relevant individual not complying with the code of conduct may render the club liable for cancellation of their hire agreement. In all cases the Borough Council’s decision is final.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is for the benefit of all teams, local football facilities and residents.

  • Aggressive and violent behaviour towards Council staff, officials, residents or players will not be tolerated.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated on or off the pitch.
  • All players should behave in a responsible and considerate manner so that disturbance to local residents is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the changing facilities. Any team found smoking will be suspended from using the facilities.
  • Football boots of any kind i.e. studs, blades, must be removed before entering the building on all occasions.
  • Abuse of facilities will not be tolerated. Any abuse of facilities will result in that club being suspended from Council pitches.
  • Any damage caused to facilities will be charged to the team responsible.
  • Teams who do not pay fees by the required date will not be allowed to play matches.
  • Any regulated activity which involves working directly with children and young people under the age of 18 - such as managers and coaches and volunteers - must be aware of the safeguarding policy and procedure. Staff and volunteers must also undertake safeguarding training appropriate to their role and level of responsibility. The organisation is also responsible for ensuring that appropriate disclosure and barring service checks are carried out for staff and volunteers.
  • Players and supporter will be expected to dispose of their litter responsibly. Any litter found around the football pitch is the responsibility of the home teams to collect. A charge will be made should they fail to do so.
  • Consideration must be given to residents when parking vehicles, at grounds with designated parking areas
    • Do not obstruct driveways
    • Do not park on pavements
    • Refrain from parking vehicles in such a manner that would cause obstruction to residents or emergency vehicles.
      • Failure to observe these guidelines may result in enforcement action.
  • When children use changing rooms, they should be supervised by two members of staff/volunteers. Older teenagers may not require any supervision however a club may wish to have an appropriately recruited adult within the vicinity of the changing facilities to ensure their welfare is monitored. (The
  • The use of mobile phones and/or photographic equipment by club officials, members, parents and young people should be prohibited within areas where children and young people are changing/showering. (Please refer to the FAs Celebrating Football through Photographs and Video, Best Practice Guidance).



  1. All players, coaches and volunteers should self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before every match. If you are symptomatic or living in a household with possible or COVID-19 infection you must not participate or attend the venue in any capacity.
  2. Participants should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport and walk or cycle to the game if possible. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle.
  3. Active participants should arrive at Anker Valley changed and ready to take part. Although toilets will remain open changing facilities will not. A one way system will be implemented to access pitches and on return to the car park. Information such as match fixtures and pitch allocation numbers will be supplied outside.
  4. All clubs must appoint a COVID-19 officer in accordance with the FA’s return to football guidelines. These officers are responsible for communicating all relevant guidance to players, coaches and volunteers. They must monitor how compliance is being observed within the club and collect names and contact information for all participants at both training sessions and matches. This information is to be contained for a minimum of 21 days and only used for the purpose of the NHS Test and Trace system. These details must be available to Tamworth Borough Council should there be a reported case.
  5. Competitive match play is permitted, with social distancing in place before and after the fixture and during any breaks in play. Club officials and substitutes are to maintain social distancing 2 metres away from the pitch.
  6. During senior fixtures the attendance of spectators is not permitted.
  7. During junior fixtures a maximum of 1 parent/guardian must attend with the player.
  8. All participants and officials should sanitise hands before and after the game as well as scheduled breaks in play.
  9. All participants are to bring their own drinks bottles and hand sanitiser, which should be clearly labelled with their name. Clubs are not permitted to provide communal drinks bottles.
  10. Ball handling should be kept to a minimum with most contact via a boot. Any retrieval of the ball should be done by the foot of a participant and not a spectator. All clubs must provide a number of match balls to ensure they are routinely disinfected.
  11. Equipment should not be shared and goalkeepers should ensure they disinfect their gloves in breaks of play and thoroughly after each game.
  12. It is the clubs responsibility to sanitise goalposts and corner flags before every match and during halftime.
  13. Match officials will not be providing linesman flags due to the risk of cross contamination. Clubs must provide their own flags, including the club attending an away fixture.
  14. Clubs should ensure they are affiliated with the County FA and have the required insurance. Proof of this must be evidenced before any fixture is sanctioned.
  15. Players are not permitted to spit and goal celebrations should be avoided.
  16. At the end of each fixture individual teams must exit the playing area together and return to the car park. Once at their vehicles they must exit the venue immediately.
  17. All kick off times will be staggered to avoid mass congregation.
  18. Anyone who becomes infected after attending a fixture must notify their COVID-19 officer and report to the NHS test and trace system immediately.