The introduction of a charge for naming and numbering of new developments and alterations to existing addresses to be charged from 1st April 2018;

New build:

  • Single residential/commercial property - £150
  • Each additional residential or commercial property (e.g. 5 houses would result in £150 + 4 x £15 = £210) - £15 per plot
  • Change of development layout after notification - £25 per plot

Existing properties/developments:

  • Addition or change of property name -  £50
  • Building conversions (includes subdivision into flats) - £25 per unit created

The introduction of a charge for planning applications where permitted development rights have been removed or an Article 4 Direction imposed to be charged from the 1st April 2018 is approved.

  • £50.00 per application

In the past it has not been possible to charge for applications arising from the removal of permitted development, or as a consequence of the imposition of an Article 4 Direction. This situation has changed since the new regulations came into force on 17th January 2018.

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