Community Safety

Community Safety logoCommunity safety not only looks at tackling criminal activities and disorder, but also takes the social and environmental influences of an area into account.

As well as traditional crime prevention and reduction activities, community safety includes addressing quality of life issues which are not necessarily criminal, such as anti-social behaviour. Please visit the Safer Tamworth website , Tamworth's Community Safety Partnership site, to find out more.

One of Tamworth's Community Safety Partnership aims is: "To reduce crime and disorder and improve community safety in the Borough of Tamworth"

The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act places a duty on specific organisations to work together as Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) to tackle crime and disorder problems within their local areas.

Tamworth residents can find up to date alerts and information regarding crime in our area by downloading the OPCC SMART ALERT app. Follow this link for full smart alert information.

Section 5 of the Act requires the responsible authorities and other key organisations to:

  • Conduct and publish an audit of local crime and disorder problems.
  • Consult locally on the basis of that audit.
  • Set and publish objectives and targets for the reduction of crime and disorder
  • Monitor progress.

Statutory partners include:

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