Help if you are at risk of homelessness

You are threatened with homelessness if you: 

  • are likely to become homeless in 56 days
  • have received a valid notice to quit (S21 notice) 
  • have received a notice that landlord requires possession of accommodation (NOSP) which expires within 56 days. 

If you are threatened with homelessness and are eligible for help, we can help to prevent your homelessness. 

Duty to Prevent Homelessness
Tamworth Borough Council must help people who are at risk of losing their home within the next 56 days, as per the Homeless Reduction Act 2017. This means people can get help earlier. We must help by working with the person to create a personal housing plan in order to avoid their situation turning into a homelessness crisis.

Helping you keep your home 
You can be threatened with homeless for a variety of reasons. We will talk with you and assess the circumstances around why you are threatened with homelessness. Housing Solutions may:

  • discuss the circumstances with your landlord to support you remaining at the property 
  • provide advice around applying for a discretionary housing payment - follow this link to the Benefits page.
  • refer you to a number of support agencies who can assist you in sustaining your tenancy 
  • consider alternative accommodation for you that may be more suitable and affordable 
  • negotiate an affordable repayment plan with your landlord 
  • support you in returning to your parental home through an agreement between all parties 
  • access your income and expenditure to assist in your housing options including supporting you in applying for benefits such as universal credit  
  • support you in contacting Tamworth Job Centre to explore employment and training options 
  • arrange an appointment for you to speak to the Tamworth Advice Centre regarding income and budgeting
  • consider what financial support can be offered to prevent you from becoming homeless 

Our homeless factsheets provide details of the main causes of homelessness 

What happens if we cannot prevent you from becoming homeless?
If we are unable to prevent you becoming homeless or find you another home, our next duty is to relieve your homelessness by assisting you in securing alternative accommodation. Follow this link to the Help if you are homeless page.

If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless today, please complete this online contact form and telephone 01827 709709.