Garden Assistance

If you are a council tenant, we currently run two schemes that may be able to assist you with your gardening:

Gardening assistance scheme

We run a free gardening assistance scheme for older or disabled council tenants who are unable to do their own gardening. This includes lawn and hedge cutting between April and October.

It is for residents over the age of 75 who have a registered disability or medical condition and where there is no other adult living in the property who would be able to help.

While those who do not meet this criteria are encouraged to seek help from family or a private gardening contractor, we may use our discretion for residents under 75 in exceptional circumstances. 

Applying for the service

Please complete this application form or contact the estate management team and we'll let you know if you have been accepted onto the scheme. You may be placed on a waiting list and will be notified as soon as a place becomes available. If you have previously received our garden services, you will have to reapply.

Contact: Estate Management Team. Tel: 01827 709491. Email:

Free green bin for communal gardens

If you can answer yes to the questions below you may qualify for a free green bin:

  • You are NOT part of the OAP discretionary grass cutting service above, where Street Scene collect and dispose of green waste
  • You live in a communal council block or scheme which contains four or more flats, with all residents having access to communal space
  • Communal space has identified green waste and is on housing land
  • Residents already use a green bin for their communal areas
  • You will be the named contact within the block that will be responsible for putting the bin out for collection and collecting it back in

If the scheme is abused (including issues with contaminated waste) the service will be withdrawn and we will review it annually.

If you think you qualify please contact the estate management team on: 01827 709 514 or email: