Cemeteries and graves

Tamworth has five cemeteries: Amington, Glascote, Wigginton Road, Wilnecote New and Wilnecote Old.  Please note that graves can no longer be purchased at Wilnecote Old and Glascote cemeteries.

Cemetery Address Date of first burial
Amington (previously named Amington & Stonydelph) Woodhouse Lane (off Amington Road) B77 3AE 29 April 1914
Glascote (previously named Bolehall & Glascote Burial Ground) Glascote Road B77 2AL 22 July 1874
Wigginton (previously named Tamworth Cemetery) Wigginton Road B79 8RW 7 Dec 1876
Wilnecote New (previously named Castle Hall & Liberty) Wilnecote Lane B77 2NE 28 Sept 1935  
Wilnecote Old (previously named Wilnecote Cemetery) Old A5 (next to Holy Trinity Church) Glascote Lane B77 2PH 3 January 1875

Purchasing a grave

If you would like to purchase a grave in Tamworth at the time it is needed, this can be organised with the help of your funeral director as part of the funeral arrangements, or directly with our cemeteries department. Plots can also be purchased in advance, with exclusive rights of burial (EROB) for 50 years.

Please note only one grave can be purchased per person or couple, which can be full-size or half-size. Most full-sized grave spaces are suitable for one or two full interments and at least eight cremated remains. Half-sized grave spaces are suitable for up to four cremated remains and infants.


If you wish to exhume a grave, please get in touch using the details at the bottom of the page for more information about the process.

Grave search information

All our old burial records are held on Microfilm in Tamworth Library, Corporation Street, which can be accessed free of charge. Please contact Tamworth Library directly.

For information about burials in churchyards, please contact the church.

We can also help you locate a family member’s grave. We’ll need as much information as you can give us, such as their name and approximate year of death. There is a small charge for this service which is non-refundable if we are unable to locate the grave.

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Contact us

For more help or information on any of the above, please contact the cemeteries team on 01827 709343 or email cemeteries@tamworth.gov.uk.