Right to buy

Most council tenants can apply to buy their home at a discounted price as part of the government’s Right to Buy scheme.

To apply, you need to have lived in a council or housing association property for at least three years (two years if your tenancy started before January 18, 2005). This doesn’t have to be continuous.

Discounts of up to 70% of the market value are available, depending on how long you’ve been a council or housing association tenant.

There are some circumstances where an application might be refused, for example if the property is part of a sheltered housing scheme or designed for elderly people or those with physical disabilities.

Buying a flat or leasehold

In most cases if you buy a house, you will purchase the freehold and own the property and land outright.

There are some council properties in Tamworth that are within a council-owned building or piece of land, such as apartments, which means you will only be able to purchase a lease.

There are various additional costs associated with becoming a leaseholder. You can read more about this on our leaseholders page.

What to do next

Everything you need to know about Right to Buy can be found below, including the two application forms that must be completed in writing, and returned to us.

If you have any additional questions, or would like to request a buying pack, please email us at righttobuy@tamworth.gov.uk