Moving home

If you are an existing council tenant and you want to move to a different council property, you’ll need to apply to join the housing register via the MyHousing portal.

You will be awarded a banding according to your need and if we assess that you are currently housed adequately, you won’t be eligible to join the register. Allocation of a property is also subject to a clear rent account, an approved property inspection and no breaches of tenancy conditions.

You might be able to speed up the process by applying for a mutual exchange or downsizing to a smaller property.

Mutual exchange

This is where Tamworth Borough Council tenants swap homes with another council or housing association tenant, including those from other areas if all tenants and landlords agree.

Our mutual exchange service is managed via House Exchange. Please register via the House Exchange website AND complete our mutual exchange form here.

Exchanges are usually agreed where:

  • Both properties are the right size for the incoming family’s needs
  • Neither party is facing legal action for breaching the terms of a tenancy

We will confirm in writing if the exchange is agreed and arrange an inspection of your property before you move out. We’ll let you know our decision within 42 days of receiving your application.

Incentive to move scheme

Because we want to make the best possible use of our available council houses, we offer a financial incentive to council tenants willing to move to a smaller property (for example if your children leave home and you no longer need as many bedrooms). It also applies to residents living in wheelchair-adapted properties they no longer need and ‘chain lets’, where families give up two or three properties to move into one bigger house.

You can get up to £1,000 as a fixed sum, or we can arrange and pay for removal costs up to £1,000. You may also be able to get a decoration allowance for your new home.

As a further incentive, you will also be placed into priority band 1 for bidding on a new home.

To apply, please register on our Finding a Home website AND fill out an Incentive to Move application form here.

Terms and conditions

Anyone wishing to apply for the incentive to move scheme must have a clear rent account and an approved property inspection.

Any financial incentives may be reduced by outstanding rent payments owed at the time of the transfer, the cost of any work the council has to undertake due to damage or neglect by a tenant, and any outstanding court costs.

We will let you know in writing if your application has been successful or not.

Tenancy reward scheme

You could qualify for a £50 reward payment when you move out of your home, if you meet certain conditions, such as a clear rent account, appropriate notice given, and an approved property inspection.

For more information or help with moving out of your council property, please get in touch with the voids and allocations team by emailing, calling 01827 7009520 or via webchat.