We want to know what you think about life in Tamworth and every year, we carry out consultation with you on issues such as litter, anti-social behaviour, local facilities, health, regeneration, housing and how your money is spent. This can be meetings, exhibitions, focus groups, questionnaire surveys and on-line forms.

Citizens Panel: This is a made up of local residents who we ask about local services. If you join, we will contact you three or four times a year with postal or online surveys to get your views. You may be invited to take part in a questionnaire, discussion groups or workshops. The results are then used to inform decisions about how we deliver our services.

To join the Citizens Panel click here to complete a short on line application form

Budget Consultation 2022/23

Tamworth Borough Council is again inviting people to have their say on council spending and where – and how - they feel money should be spent.

The annual Budget Consultation asks Tamworth’s residents, businesses and voluntary groups to share their views on how council budgets are allocated and which areas should be prioritised, amid reducing funding for local councils.

The survey sets out how much spending is planned across borough council-run services - such as refuse collection and recycling, street cleaning, anti-social behaviour, homelessness, sports, leisure and events - and asks people to indicate whether the council should spend more, less, or the same, in each area next year.

Whether you think we need to spend more money on the town centre, in keeping the town clean and green, or supporting the voluntary sector, this is your chance to get involved and help shape future spending across the borough.

This year’s consultation is even more important as the council now also has to tackle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has placed an even greater strain on the authority’s finances.

Difficult decisions on spending priorities for future budgets will need to be made, and the views of local residents, businesses and voluntary groups is a key part of that process.

The Budget Consultation will be available until October 10.

It is broken down into three separate surveys, please complete the one most relevant to you.

At the end of the consultation, all the responses will go before the Council’s Cabinet for consideration and will help shape the future budgetary spend on council services.

Hard copies of the consultation forms can be requested by emailing or by calling 01827 709709.

More information about the council’s priorities, Council Tax and spending are available elsewhere on this website.

There may be an open consultation on the environmental permitting page.