We are committed to consulting local people on local issues, on the work that we do, and the priorities and aspirations for the borough. 

What is consultation?

Consultation is a process of dialogue leading to a decision. Consultation involves seeking opinions on options before decisions are reached, seeking to increase the involvement of local people, communities, businesses and the voluntary sector in important decisions that may impact them. The main aim of consultation is to listen to and learn from local people and communities. 

We also have a responsibility to formally consult on any environmental permit applications, you can view these and find out more on our environmental permitting page

Current Consultations

  • Licencing Consultations
  • Join our Citizens’ Panel

Current Licencing Consultations

Current Policy

Draft New Policy

Date of consultation

none currently

Street Trading Draft Policy

Tamworth Borough Council recognises the valuable contribution that street trading can make to communities, culture and the local economy.

This proposed policy sets out Tamworth Borough Council’s approach for managing street trading in the borough, and the process for applications and decision making.

It is Tamworth Borough Council’s intention that the application of the Street Trading Policy, together with the proper application of street trading law in a consistent, fair and proportionate way will benefit the people who live, work in and visit Tamworth.

20 October until 15 December 2023

We welcome your comments on the consultations, and these should be made in writing to:

Post: Licensing Team, Tamworth Borough Council, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7BZ or Email:

Citizens Panel: 

We are always looking for more residents who are interested in having their say on council services to join our citizens’ panel.

Our citizens’ panel is a group of local residents who we ask about local services. If you join, we'll contact you three or four times a year highlighting consultations and surveys. There is no obligation to take part, you can join whichever interest you the most.

You may also be invited to take part in discussion groups or workshops.

The results are then used to inform decisions about how we deliver our services. Complete our short application form to join the panel.