Voluntary sector partnerships

We often work in partnership with other agencies to deliver services to the people of Tamworth. This could be other local authorities, various organisations or the voluntary sector.

Local community groups and charities play an important role in supporting the residents of Tamworth and we recognise and value the contribution they make to the town.

We regularly work in partnership with the voluntary sector to provide services to the people of Tamworth as these organisations are often already doing great work directly with the residents we are trying to reach.

This includes commissioning services directly. Opportunities for this are advertised on our electronic tendering system In-Tend.

We also support the voluntary and community sector by offering a range of grants which groups can apply for to support their work in the area.

You can read more about our grants here.

For more information about partnerships, please contact our community partnership managers via the details below.

Karen-clancy@tamworth.gov.uk or Stephanie-ivey@tamworth.gov.uk.