Change in circumstances

I am on benefits – should I report any changes in my circumstances?
Yes, the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Regulations state that you have a duty to report changes in your circumstances to the Benefits Team.

Will my Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction change on the same day as my circumstances change?
No, when a change takes place, which affects your entitlement to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction, in most cases this will take effect from the first Monday after, the change occurs – even if it occurs on a Monday.  However if your change means that you are entitled to more benefit and you told us more than one calendar month after the change occurred, Housing Benefit will only take the change into account from the first Monday after you told us of the change.  But for Council Tax Reduction, you must tell us within 21 days of the change and we must make the change from when it occurred.

You should tell the Benefits Team, in writing, of the following changes so that your benefits can be reassessed where necessary:

  • the end of entitlement to Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit;
  • changes in the family income;
  • changes in the amount of savings, capital and accounts held;
  • change of address;
  • changes in the number and status of dependants (for example, leaving school or the birth of a baby);
  • changes in the number or status of non-dependants (for example, where a non-dependant moves in or out of the accommodation or begins or ends work);
  • changes in household (for example partner moves in or out);
  • changes to rent paid to a private landlord;
  • changes in payments received from tenants or sub-tenants;
  • if a member of the family is hospitalised; and
  • any other change that could affect your entitlement must be reported.

If you are not sure please contact a member the Benefits Team on 709540.

If you do not tell The Benefits Team at Marmion House about your changes in circumstances, you may be overpaid  which will be recovered from you. If the change increases your entitlement and you notify us more than one month after that change for Housing Benefit, you will lose out on entitlement. So don't delay - tell us today!

Our target for processing a change in circumstances is 15 days from the date that you supply all of the information.

Please follow this link to start the change in circumstances online form