Bandstand scheduled repairs

5 April 2024

Work to repair the Castle Bandstand will commence from the 8 April, with scaffolding being erected around the bandstand. 

Following vandalism of the bandstand gate and balustrades in October 2023, further investigation identified necessary work was needed to preserve and maintain the much-used bandstand.

Repairs will include replacement timbers, joists, floorboards and balustrades; plus the area will be secured during repairs to prevent any unauthorised access whilst the scaffolding and work takes place.

The work is expected to take around 12 weeks to complete. 

Paul Weston, Assistant Director for Assets at Tamworth Borough Council, said: 

“Our bandstand is a well-loved and used asset in our Castle Grounds, and we are committed to ensure it is maintained so it can be used and enjoyed for many years into the future.

“All works will be carried out at the same time, with the aim to have it completed within 12 weeks.

“We are working with the contractors to ensure that access to the upper and lower lawns, outdoor events and concerts can still take place during the summer months.”