Apply for HMO licence

This page includes everything you need to apply for a licence for a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Please make sure you have read our HMOs web page about when a licence is needed and the application criteria.

You can then use the information and links below to apply.

Licence Fees for online applications 2023 to 2024

  5 persons 6- 10 persons 11+ persons
Stage 1 (Application fee) £246.30 £280.51 £314.72
Stage 2 (Licence fee) £366.03 £386.55 £407.08
Total Stage 1 + Stage 2 £612.33 £667.06 £721.80

You can also arrange an initial advisory visit from one of our private sector housing officers before submitting your application. The fee for this is £82. If you then go on to submit an application, your stage 1 application fee will be reduced by £50.

As long as we are satisfied that the proposed HMO is suitable for occupation and all the terms and conditions of the licence will be met, the licence will be granted.

HMO licences are non-transferable

Please note, HMO licences are not transferable between owners. If you have purchased a licensed HMO and intend to continue running it as such, then you must apply for a new licence.

Refusing a licence

We may refuse an application for a HMO licence where the above criteria are not met. If you are already operating an HMO and cannot bring it up to standard within an acceptable time frame, or do not meet the test for a fit and proper person (as outlined in the HMO guidance notes at the top of this page), we have a duty to issue an interim management order (IMO).

This means we will take over the management of the property and the collection of rent. The order can last for a year until suitable permanent arrangements can be made.

If the IMO expires and there is no likelihood of a positive outcome, the council can issue a final management order which removes control from the owner for up to five years.

If you disagree with a licence refusal, or the implementation of an order, you can appeal to the Residential Property Tribunal.

Contact: If you need our help with any of the above, please get in touch with our private housing enforcement team.

Tel: 01827 709388. Email: