We want to know what you think about life in Tamworth and every year, we carry out consultation with you on issues such as litter, anti-social behaviour, local facilities, health, regeneration, housing and how your money is spent. This can be meetings, exhibitions, focus groups, questionnaire surveys and on-line forms.

Citizens Panel: This is a made up of local residents who we ask about local services. If you join, we will contact you three or four times a year with postal or online surveys to get your views. You may be invited to take part in a questionnaire, discussion groups or workshops. The results are then used to inform decisions about how we deliver our services.

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Current consultations:

  • Budget Consultation 2018/19

As part of an annual process, Tamworth Borough Council reviews the Council Tax and Charges strategy for the development of its budget to ensure that funding is put into areas of highest priority.

As part of the budget setting process, Tamworth Borough Council consults with residents, businesses and the voluntary and community sector on their priorities for Council spending.

To complete the resident’s survey, please click here

To complete the business’s survey, please click here

To complete the voluntary and community sector’s survey, please click here

This consultation is open until the 15th September 2017.

The results will be used to feed into next year’s budget setting process. 


  • Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme Consultation

Since April 2013, Local Authorities have administerd a Local Council Tax Reduction scheme for those of Working Age, on behalf of the Government. Ascheme with national rules constinues for pensioner, whihc is also delivered by Local Authorities. The Government still provides funding for localised schemes, but since April 2013 it has been reduced. In 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 there was public consultation to guage views about the locally proposed scheme.

We would again like yooyr views of the scheme, in order to finalise it from April 2018.

Complete the Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme Consultation here.

This survey is open until 10 November 2017.