Bins and Recycling

Our waste services are jointly operated with Lichfield District Council. 

Find out when your bins will be emptied using the online bin calendar

You can now subscribe to the garden waste service

From 1 January 2018 we are providing a chargeable garden waste service to local homes. The service costs £36 a year (per bin) for fortnightly collections (maximum 25, with a 2-week Christmas shut down).

Subscribe to garden waste service

To subscribe to the garden waste service please fill in the online booking form or click the subscribe button. PLEASE NOTE: You will be taken to Lichfield District Council’s website to subscribe to the garden waste service. Your payment will be processed and your receipt will be issued by Lichfield District Council on behalf of the joint waste service. Please also ensure that you have your debit/credit card to hand as delays in entering your details may cause your session to expire. You may also be asked by your bank to verify your payment via their secure banking verification process. 

If you do not sign up to the scheme, your garden waste (green) bin will not be emptied from 1 January 2018. For more information please read the Garden Waste FAQs pageThere is no deadline for subscribing to this service, you can sign up part way through the year if you wish.

To report a missed bin, you can fill our online form in here or telephone 0345 002 0022. (This number is charged at the local rate if calling from a landline. It can cost more if calling from a mobile phone.) 

If your bin has been missed, please report it by the end of the next working day after it was due to be emptied. If the crew have not reported an issue with your bin, we will return within 3 working days to empty it. If an issue has been reported, one of our colleagues will advise you at the time of your call or when responding to your enquiry. If there is an issue, or you have forgotten to put your bin out again, please accept our apologies but we will not be able to return and your bin will not be emptied until the next scheduled collection day.

Please make sure your bins are presented at the edge of your property, next to the adopted highway by 7am on the day of collection.

Report a damaged or lost bin here. Please note there is now a £15 charge to replace lost or stolen black refuse bins only

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Other waste
Bulky item collection
Business waste
Clinical waste
​Disposing of asbestos

Littering and fly tipping
Needles and sharps
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logoNeed help getting your bin to the kerbside? 

If you need help getting your bin to the kerbside - perhaps you are disabled or you struggle to move a heavy bin, why not speak to our team about an assisted collection? Either call our team on 0345 002 0022 or fill in the book an assisted collection form on our partners Lichfield District Council's website.