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Two Gates air quality

Air Quality

The Environment Act 1995 placed a responsibility on UK Government to prepare an Air Quality Strategy (AQS) for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The most recent version of the strategy (2007) sets out the current UK framework for air quality management and includes a number of air quality objectives for specific pollutants.

The 1995 Act also requires that Local Authorities “Review and Assess” air quality in their areas following a prescribed timetable. The Review and Assessment process is intended to locate and spatially define areas where the AQS objectives are not being met. In such instances the Local Authority is required to declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), carry out a Further Assessment of Air Quality, and develop an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) which should include measures to improve air quality so that the objectives may be achieved in the future.

Tamworth Borough Council has 14 tubes located throughout the area; these monitor for Nitrogen Dioxide, primarily generated from motor vehicles. These are changed on monthly designated dates and are sent for analyses, by Staffordshire Laboratories. The results are recorded and monitored for trends and for levels that may require further attention.

The levels found in the Two Gates area over a sustained period of time were found to be above acceptable levels.

A meeting was held with Two Gates residents regarding air quality. Studies have shown nitrogen dioxide is above the recommended national levels near the crossroads on the A51, near the Bulls Head public house. It is likely to be caused by traffic pollution in the area.

Please see our frequently asked questions on the issue and the full air quality report.

While levels are slightly above the accepted national average, residents were reassured there are limited associated risks. Two drop-in sessions at Two Gates Working Men's Club were held for residents and businesses. Issues raised at the meeting will be used to work with interested parties to come up with solutions to help improve air quality. Residents will be kept informed of progress.

The events included discussions with residents about which areas in Two Gates will fall into the Air Quality Management Area, what happens next and also to answer any concerns people may have. It is likely traffic management will help to rectify the issue. Air quality reviews are undertaken on a regular basis by Tamworth Borough Council to ensure pollutants fall within standards set by the government.

The borough council will has declared an Air Quality Management Area followed by a plan of action to tackle the issue. The purpose of this is to identify what can be done to reduce the levels of pollution in the area and improve air quality.