Tenant Involvement FAQ

What does getting involved actually mean? There are lots of different ways of getting involved. It can range from completing a survey to being part of our Tenant Consultative Group. What you what to get involved in and how is completely up to you.

How much work is involved? This depends on the level of involvement you would like to have. For example, being a member of the newsletter editorial panel ‘Tenants Voice’, means you will have to attend meetings on a regular basis. However completing a questionnaire can take just a few minutes.

When and where are meetings held? Meetings are held at our town centre office which is fully accessible. They can be arranged with you at times that suit you. 

How do I get to meetings? You can either arrange to get to meetings yourself, we can arrange transport for you, or if you are travelling by car or public transport we will reimburse your travel expenses.

Are meetings friendly? Yes. You will find that everyone is polite and respects each others view. There is also a code of conduct that we like people to adhere to, so everyone feels welcome and can make a valuable contribution.

What are the benefits of being involved? There are lots!  You will meet new people, there are free training opportunities and also the chance to learn new skills. Getting involved may also increase your confidence, give you the chance to air your views while making a real difference where you live and the services you receive.

Can anyone have access to my personal details? No. We have a strict confidentiality policy and also adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your personal details will not be disclosed to anyone without your expressed consent.