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Tenancy reward scheme

When you move out of your Council home you could qualify for a reward payment of £50.00. To receive this you must:

  • Give appropriate notice to end your tenancy
  • Have been a tenant for six months or more
  • Hold a clear rent account when you hand the keys in
  • Have an approved property inspection carried out during your notice period
  • Leave no outstanding repairs/damage that is your responsibility
  • No rubbish or unwanted furniture left in the property
  • Hand in a full set of keys and door entry fobs (where expected) on time and
  • Provide a forwarding address

All tenants who are leaving us will automatically be assessed to check if they are entitled to it. If you are, we will send you a £50.00 cheque to your new address or make a credit to your bank account. We aim to do this within 28 days of you moving out.

Exemptions from the reward scheme

  • For next of kin or executors of wills where the property has become empty due to the death of a tenant
  • Leaving a Council property through a mutual exchange
  • In addition to any incentive to move payment
  • For any move from a temporary stay at a women’s refuge
  • If your home has been arranged as temporary accommodation

Please contact the Voids and Allocation team: 01827 709520.