Tenancy changes

Name Change

We will agree to amend your tenancy following a name change, as long as you can provide sufficient legal evidence.  This can be provided by a deed poll, marriage certificate or civil partnership documentation.

End a Joint Tenancy

To end the tenancy, we need to receive a valid written Notice to Quit from one or both parties.

Sole to Joint Tenancies

We usually agree to the creation of a joint tenancy between a spouse or partner. Each case is considered on its own merits. Permission will normally be granted unless:

  • There has been a breach of the tenancy agreement, especially if this is due to rent arrears or anti-social behaviour
  • If a Notice of Seeking Possession has been served, where proceedings have been commenced or where a court has made an order for possession, whether  outright, suspended or postponed
  • Spouse/partner is under 18 years of age
  • Partner has lived in the property for less than 12 months

Tenant’s partner/spouse must be able to provide sufficient evidence of occupancy.

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