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Taxis fees and charges

3 Yearly Driver and Operator fees from 1 April 2020

Only in exceptional circumstances will licences be issued for a shorter period and these would have to be applied for and dealt with on an individual basis.

New Driver Application - DVLA, DBS, Medical, Knowledge Test Fee
Year 1 - New drivers application requiring all checks (DBS, Knowledge test, Admin) £174.50
Year 2 - Admin £58.00
Year 3 - Admin £58.00
Medical  - Booked and paid for directly with Aldergate Medical Practice  
Total for 3 year licence £290.00
Total for 3 year licence if signed upto DBS online checking service £235.50


Current Driver Renewal Fee
Year 1 - DBS, Admin £139.00
Year 2 - Admin £58.00
Year 3 - DVLA, 1 hour admin £58.00

Medical  - Booked and paid for directly with Aldergate Medical Practice    
5 yearly - under 45 years of age
3 yearly - 45 to 65 years of age
Annual - over 65 years of age

Total for 3 year renewal £255.00
Total for 3 year renewal if signed upto DBS online checking service £200.50


Operators Licence Fee Fee
5 Year Licence including £212.00


Medical fees will no longer be included in the Application Fee, but applicants should book and pay for their medicals in person directly to:
Aldergate Medical Practice, The Mount, Salters Lane, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 8BH

Please provide your DVLA driver licence (photo card) to the medical practice to confirm your identity, along with completed medical questionnaire.
The medical questionnaire form is sent with your renewal forms but can also be downloaded here

Other taxi fees are listed below:
Taxi fees and charges as at 1 April 2020

Item Fee
Hackney carriage vehicle - under 4 years old (Plate)  £108.00
Hackney carriage vehicle- over 4 years old (Plate) £137.00
Private hire vehicle - under 4 years old (Plate, 2 x sticker) £117.60
Private hire vehicle - over 4 years old (Plate, 2 x sticker) £147.10
Private Hire Executive Plate - under 4 years old  £219.10
Private Hire Executive Plate - over 4 years old £247.10
Change of Hackney carriage vehicle (Plate) £50.25
Change of Private hire vehicle (Plate 2 x sticker) £59.85
Change of Private hire executive vehicle (Plate, sticker, certificate & Inspection) £114.00
Change of Owner £29.25
Replacement plate - hackney carriage or private hire  £40.50
Replacement stickers - private hire (includes 2 stickers) £22.10
Replacement Licence £10.75
Bounced cheques  £29.25
Cancelled insurance (without notification)  £58.00
Failure to return plates within 7 days - hackney carriage or private hire £58.00
Knowledge test retake £58.00
Exceptional Age Policy (Vehicle inspection by Licensing Officer) £58.00
Bracket £10.75
DBS check* £54.50
Medical (Paid directly to medical centre) £35.00
Fitness Test (Paid directly to garage) £48.00
Missed Fitness Test (Paid directly to garage)  £24.00
Plate* £20.00
External Cost Sticker* £4.80
*Changes to these charges will alter licence fee  

Fitness Tests are carried out by CR MOT Centre, Unit 9, Cavendish, Lichfield Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Bookings can be made by calling: 01827 338600 (dedicated line)