Scrap metal guidance - public


Do you allow scrap metal collectors to take metal from your property?

Do you put scrap metal out at the front of your property and allow it to be taken by the mobile collectors? Did you know that you are committing an offence by doing so? Did you know the law is changing soon and it is important you are aware of these changes?

From the 1st October 2013 new legislation came into force in respect of Scrap Metal Dealers. This includes the collectors that regularly come around the area and help themselves to any scrap metal they see. From October these collectors will all need to be licensed with the Local Authority they are operating within.

The main change that you will notice is that it will be classed as theft of metal if anyone takes any metal from you without getting your permission and copies of documents showing your name and address (ie: passport, driving licence, utility bill etc.) If you are unsure about the collector there should be a copy of the licence being displayed within the vehicle visible from the outside.

If in any doubt do not let them take the metal. There will be enough licensed dealers who will be able to help you.