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Revised Housing Allocation Policy

In the summer 2019 the Council undertook consultation with all existing and new applicants on the housing register regarding a number of changes to its Allocation policy. The changes consulted on were to ensure the revised policy is based on meeting people’s identified housing need.

The revised policy and way of working will be implemented in June 2020.

The next steps

In February 2020 all current and new applicants on the housing register will have two band awards; the first is assessed against the current policy, the second is an indicative assessment measured against the new policy in preparation of the new policy live date. Everyone has also been issued with a summary of the main policy changes; a copy of the full policy is available here.

If applicants feel we have misunderstood their circumstances and disagree with these assessments, they should write to the Housing Solutions team explaining why they think this is incorrect. Please include new evidence to support any reassessment. Any supporting information that has already been provided to us has been taken in to consideration in reaching this decision.

All requests for reassessment of any decision made regarding housing applications should be made in writing within 28 days.

If we do not receive a request for a review which otherwise determines a different outcome, your application band will take effect on 10th June 2020.

Applicants can also attend Housing Options surgeriesDrop in Surgeries

These are being held monthly at Ankerside Shopping Centre in the conference room on:

Wednesday 4th March 4-7pm

Wednesday 8th April 4-7pm

Wednesday 6th May 4-7pm


•This is an opportunity to have 15 minute one to one session with a Housing Advisor and no appointment is necessary.

Q. I am affected by the new policy, what help or advice is there for me to be rehoused?

A. People are also invited to a one-stop-shop Housing Options Market Event on Wednesday 25th March at Tamworth Assembly Rooms to find out about their housing options, separate to applying for council housing (10-4pm)

Q. Is there anything applicants need to do today?

A. Yes, remember to keep us informed of any change in your personal circumstances as this will determine your banding priority assessment.

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