Recruitment policy

We aim to:

  • Follow a recruitment process that is free from bias
  • Base our recruitment process on good employment practice 
  • Ensure that our recruitment process is clear and easy to use  
  • Make our recruitment process responsive to your comments

Advertisements/application forms

  • All vacancies will be advertised on Tamworth BC Jobs and other online job boards
  • The date of interviews, and any other selection event, will be given in the advertisement if it is known
  • All requests for information will be answered promptly

Shortlisting will normally take place within one week of the closing date for receipt of applications

  • Shortlisting will always be carried out by a representative panel, never by one individual
  • We will aim to ensure that at least one member of every panel has undergone the Council's Equality & Diversity Training
  • Shortlisting will be carried out by assessing applicants against the criteria set out in the job profile


  • Confirmation of interview dates, including any other selection events, will normally be given within one week of shortlisting
  • Interviews will be held within four weeks from the closing date of applications
  • If there is a delay you will be contacted by email to confirm the timetable for interviews
  • We will endeavour, whenever possible, to make reasonable adjustments for shortlisted candidates who have special needs as a result of disability
  • Interviews will be carried out by the same panel that undertakes the shortlisting
  • The panel will indicate the anticipated date by which you will hear the outcome of the interviews, whether successful or unsuccessful, which should be within 2 working days. This will normally be by telephone and confirmed via email.
  • Job offers are subject to confirmation of eligibility to work in the UK, medical clearance, satisfactory references, evidence of any qualifications required for the post, appropriate driving licence and insurance checks (where applicable), and may be subject to criminal conviction checks or other background checks if appropriate. You will be informed if the job you are applying for is subject to a criminal conviction check or BPSS.
  • Any unsuccessful candidates will be given constructive feedback, if requested, by a member of the selection panel