Planning and Budgeting for your new home

Looking and applying for a new rented home can be a very difficult task and sometimes you may have not have considered all the costs. Before you apply for a property and accept a tenancy with Tamworth Borough Council you must check that you can afford to move in and run a home. Accepting a property that you cannot afford to live in may lead you to getting into debt and the loss of your home.

The table below shows the kind of costs you need to consider and budget for. Follow each link for further information.


Paying Council Tax
Paying Council Tax

Television licence
Television Licence

Gas and Electricity
Gas and Electricity

Water charges
Water Charges

Contents insurance
Contents Insurance


Telephone, internet, cable and satellite
Telephone, Internet, Cable and Satellite

Travel to work


Health care
Health Care

Meals for school and work
School and Work meals


Other costs and recommendations to consider:

Budgeting Tip

When completing a budgeting planner it is not just the large household bills you need to include but also the smaller purchases such as a cup of coffee or tea when you are out, sweets for the children or a daily essential shop for bread and milk.  It can be surprising how quickly money can be spent on smaller less expensive items. To help you manage your daily spend keep a diary of all your expenses and regularly check your bank account. This will help you monitor your spending so you do not spend more money than you have coming in.

If you want to find out more about budgeting and planning for your new home please download our document which includes a budget planner.

Alternatively, if you wish to use an online budget planner there are several available to you on the internet. For example you can click on: The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) budget planner or The Money Advisory Service Budget planner.

If you have any concerns about affording your new property please contact the Tamworth Borough Council Tenancy Sustainment Team. You will lose your new home if you cannot afford to pay the rent.

This website has been compiled for reference only and Tamworth Borough Council cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage however caused. Please note the figures supplied throughout this website are average estimates only and may vary depending on your own circumstances and household composition. For more information follow this link