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How do I complain about a noise nuisance?

Approach whoever is responsible for the noise. People often do not realise they are disturbing you and it can be resolved informally. If you feel threatened, or where previous personal approaches have not worked, contact our Environmental Management team and we can investigate.

To log your complaint we will need:

  • Reporter details: (this information is for the purpose of logging the call only, and will not be disclosed to any other party).
  • Name, address and contact telephone number
  • Subject details: Address of the property relating to the noise nuisance
  • Description: Brief outline of the problems experienced

Our procedure for dealing with the complaint is:

A letter is sent to the offender to advise them that we are investigating the complaint. In many instances, no further action will be needed. You will initially be asked to monitor the nuisance by keeping a record on diary sheets for ten days. This will help us identify when the noise nuisance is most likely to occur.

If the problem has not been resolved at this point, further monitoring will be taken. We will contact the offender and should a statutory nuisance be found to exist, we will issue an abatement notice. If the offender fails to comply with the notice, proceedings can be taken in the Magistrates Court or an injunction sought in the High Court.

Contact: Tel: 01827 709709. Email:

Noise we can deal with

  • Loud music (or speech or other noises) from tv, stereos, radios etc.
  • Loud music (or other "amplified sound") from places such as pubs, nightclubs etc.
  • DIY noise
  • Construction site noise (including roadworks)
  • Barking dogs (or other animal noise, if excessive)
  • Car alarms and burglar alarms
  • Car stereos (if parked)
  • Noise from a industrial or commercial source

We cannot deal with:

  • Traffic noise
  • Noise from passers by - in the street or through shared hallways
  • Noise arising from any "reasonable" activity (eg. children playing, banging or raised voices) unless it is very disturbing
  • Aeroplane noise

If you are experiencing a noise that is not listed above, or if you are unsure whether the noise you are experiencing falls into one of the above categories, please contact us. Tel: 01827 709709. Email: