Neighbourhood Impact Team

The Neighbourhood Impact Team is here to help resolve incidents of anti-social behaviour experienced by anyone living in Tamworth.

The first step is to report the incident to us online, so we can determine whether your complaint does come under anti-social behaviour, or if it’s something we can help to resolve some other way.

Report anti-social behaviour online here.


We will respond within one working day for the most serious cases of anti-social behaviour, such as violence and hate crime.

We will respond within four working days for other anti-social behaviour, such as noise complaints.

Our commitment to you

We will:

  • Be here to help. You can easily contact us by phone or email and arrange to meet us face-to-face at your home or a mutually convenient location if that’s preferable.
  • Take time to listen and understand your complaint and the impact it’s having on you.
  • Assess each report to see if it meets the criteria for anti-social behaviour. If not, we will refer you to the most appropriate service, which could be another council department, another agency or authority, or a support service.
  • Agree an action plan with you and give you a copy so you can keep track of progress.
  • Identify any risks or support needs you may have and how we can respond to them.
  • Stay in regular contact so you know what’s happening with your case at all times.
  • Work with the police and other community safety agencies to resolve your complaint and address any underlying issues, including Tamworth Community Safety Partnership and the Tamworth Vulnerability Partnership.
  • Resolve your anti-social behaviour problem in a reasonable timescale, depending on the seriousness and circumstances.
  • Work in accordance with the government’s anti-social behaviour principles which encourage victims to report anti-social behaviour and to expect to be taken seriously.

The Neighbourhood Impact Team is made up of area officers who also spend time working out in the community and attending various partnership meetings.

Contact us:

Neighbourhood Impact Team

Tel: 01827 709709