Local Housing Allowances

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is how we work out Housing Benefit for tenants on a low income and renting accommodation from a private landlord. Exclusions: housing associations, mobile homes, houseboats, tenancies before 15 January 1989 or rent containing a large element for board and attendance.

To calculate your bedroom requirement for your Local Housing Allowance calculation, click on the LHA Bedroom Calculator.


Local Housing Allowances give tenants more choice on where they live, because people will be entitled to the same amount of benefit as others in the same circumstances, you can find out the maximum benefit available before renting a property. In most cases it will be paid to the tenant rather than to the landlord.

A Safeguard Policy will be used to decide if the landlord should receive the payments.

LHA will not just depend on how much rent is being paid, it includes: your age, tenant's family composition, the area lived in, money is coming in and savings.

A LHA will be calculated for privately rented claims. Private tenants already in receipt of Housing Benefit will change to the LHA scheme if there has been a break in claim for at least one week, or if they change address. Prospective tenants will be able to shop around with their allowance. If they find a property they like with a rent that exceeds the Local Housing Allowance they must, as now, make up the difference themselves.

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