Leader appoints new team to help town become more engaging

A new portfolio has been added to Tamworth Borough Council’s Cabinet, as the number of major projects to improve Tamworth and make life better for residents continues to grow.

Following the local election earlier last month, a number of changes have been made to the roles and responsibilities of the portfolios and the size of the Cabinet has been increased from six members to seven.

Cllr Jeremy Oates remains Leader of the Council, while Cllr Robert Pritchard retains the position of Deputy Leader. 

During the meeting - the first face-to-face session at the Town Hall since the pandemic - Cllr Oates set out his ambition for the council to become ‘more engaging and improve listening;’ as the town recovers from the pandemic.

He has also created a new-look Cabinet to support him in these goals over the coming year.

Cllr Oates said: “I intend to drive continued engagement, improve listening and participation, to deliver better outcomes wherever possible.

“We implemented a new vision only a few months ago with the policy framework and within that vision there were a number of priorities that we adopted as a council. Using that, we have put together this year’s cabinet.”

Cllr Oates also gave thanks to councillors retiring, including Cllr Michael Oates and Cllr Steven Pritchard, describing the future for Cabinet members as “We are standing on the shoulders of giants.”

The Cabinet members are now as follows:

Cllr Jeremy Oates: Leader
Cllr Robert Pritchard: Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Environment, Entertainment and Leisure
Cllr Stephen Doyle: Planning, Economy and Waste
Cllr Alex Farrell: Social Housing and Homeless Prevention Committee
Cllr Marie Bailey: Finance, Risk and Customer Services.
Cllr Martin Summers: Town Centre, Evening Economy, Voluntary Sector and Community Safety
Cllr Tina Clements: Engagement, Civic Pride and Pride in Place.

Cllr Oates said: “I am adding an additional portfolio holder for democracy, engagement and civic pride.

“This portfolio will look at public relations, member communications, public consultation, along with pride of place, which includes a challenge I have given to come up with a new honours scheme.

“I would like to see some other opportunities for outstanding people in our community to be recognised by this council. Therefore, I would like to welcome and congratulate Cllr Tina Clements on becoming Cabinet member for Engagement, Civic Pride and Pride in Place.”

The new membership of committees can be viewed online at www.tamworth.gov.uk/council.