Housing strategy

It is not just council tenants Tamworth Borough Council works with. We carry out a range of projects and other work to help tackle housing issues across Tamworth. This ranges from homelessness advice, insulation advice, debt management and improving housing stock across the borough so people can access safe, healthy housing.

In addition to this, the Housing Strategy team:

  • Ensures delivery and monitors our Housing Strategy
  • Prepares and monitors our homelessness strategy
  • Monitors how housing associations are performing
  • Work with developers, housing associations and other organisations to develop a range of affordable housing
  • Redevelop garage sites for affordable housing: Coton Green, Leyfields, Wilnecote, Glascote, Kettlebrook,  Gillway, Ferrers Road and Colbourne Road
  • Collects information about current and future housing needs
  • Answers Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) Reporting 2019 Questions

We also have worked with Cannock Chase, Lichfield, South Staffordshire on the Local Investment Plan (LIP). This agrees our priorities for regeneration and housing It was also produced in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and our housing associations.

Contact: Housing Strategy. Tel: 01827 709700. Email: housingstrategy@tamworth.gov.uk