Housing exchange

Incentive to Move:

Tenants could receive up to £1,000  for moving into a smaller property using our Incentive to Move scheme. Cash payments and a range of options are available to those giving up larger properties to move to a smaller home, without having to worry about the expense.

Existing Tamworth Council Tenants

To transfer to another Council property you must complete an application form. You will be awarded a banding according to your need. If we assess that you are adequately housed, you will not be eligible to join the housing register. Allocation of a property is subject to a clear rent account, an approved property inspection and no breaches of tenancy conditions.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where Tamworth Borough Council tenants swap homes with another council or housing association tenant.

You may want to move to a different home for a number of reasons and mutual exchanges are very often the quickest way to be re-housed rather than wait for transfer.

The Council has developed a new mutual exchange service for tenants which is free to register and runs through the House Exchange website. Follow the link here. You will also need to fill in and return our mutual exchange formIf you need any help or have any queries, please contact the Customer Service team. Tel: 01827 709709
Email: enquiries@tamworth.gov.uk

You can also exchange with tenants of housing associations and other local authorities if everybody agrees.

Normally an exchange will be agreed by the council providing:

  • Both properties are the right size for the incoming family’s needs,
  • Neither party is having legal action taken against then for breaking their tenancy;

Reasons for refusing permission

We will not let your mutual exchange go ahead if the property is

  • Too big or too small for you.
  • Adapted for a tenant with disabilities and you do not need these adaptations.
  • Is normally let to certain groups of people, for example, the elderly and you don’t meet these restrictions; or
  • If you are in rent arrears

We will carry out a property inspection before you move. If you have made alterations to the property without our permission or caused damage, you will be asked to restore the property to its original condition.

If the mutual exchange is agreed, we will write back to you to confirm the exchange can go ahead and agree with you a moving date.

The Council must give you a formal written decision on whether it will allow you to go ahead with the mutual exchange within 42 days of receipt of all application forms.