Your green bin

If you would like your garden bin(s) emptied in 2023, you will need to sign up to our garden waste scheme. 

It costs £36 per garden bin, regardless of when you sign up, for fortnightly collections for a maximum of 23 collections (the garden bin service is suspended over Christmas and into the New Year).

Subscribe to garden waste service

To subscribe to the garden waste service please fill in the online booking form or click the subscribe button. PLEASE NOTE: You will be taken to Lichfield District Council’s website to subscribe to the garden waste service. Your payment will be processed and your receipt will be issued by Lichfield District Council on behalf of the joint waste service. Please also ensure that you have your debit/credit card to hand as delays in entering your details may cause your session to expire. You may also be asked by your bank to verify your payment via their secure banking verification process.

You will receive your bin sticker within 10 working days. Please do not place your 2023 sticker over the 2022 one.

If you do not sign up to the scheme, your garden waste (green) bin will not be emptied. For more information please read the Garden Waste FAQs page. There is no deadline for subscribing to this service, you can sign up part way through the year if you wish.

The garden waste service will be paused from mid-December to the end of January. Residents should check their calendars for their first green bin collection date in 2023.

green bin

What to put in your green bin

Leaves, weeds, tree and shrub prunings, grass and hedge cuttings, short branches and twigs, garden plants and vegetables.

We cannot collect: food waste, plastic bags or biodegradable liners, cardboard, paper, plant pots, pet waste, soil or turf, or large pieces of wood or branches as these are not easily compostable.

Please make sure your bin is at the kerbside from 6.00am on your collection day. Bins will not be emptied if they are heavy/overloaded.

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Missed, lost or damaged bins

To report a missed or damaged bin, you can fill in one of the online forms below or telephone 0345 002 0022 by the end of the next working day after it was due to be emptied. If the crew have not reported an issue with your bin, we will return within three working days to empty it. 

Our waste services are jointly operated with Lichfield District Council and you will be taken to to their website to report these issues.

Find out when your bins will be emptied using the online bin calendar (on our partner's Lichfield District Council website). 

What happens to the garden waste?

Your garden waste goes to an outdoor composting facility (Greener Composting, Wall) and is used on local farms.