piggy bankHome Improvement Grants

We can offer advice and assistance for private sector residents. Currently there are no grants for home improvements.

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) helps pay for adapting a home so a person with disabilities can continue to live there.  Grants are paid when we consider that changes are necessary for the individual and it is reasonable and practical.

DFGs are used for someone living in a property, who is disabled and is either the owner occupier or a private rented tenant (permission will have to be sought from the landlord for the works to be done) The grant is means tested, except in the case of children under the age of 18, with the maximum grant being £30,000.

Grants are delivered in partnership with occupational therapists who provide a medical assessment and Revival Home Improvement Agency who undertake the drawings, tender for work and provide onsite supervision of building works.

To receive an initial assessment for a DFG, please contact the Access Team (Social Services) on 0300 111 8010 (Adult Services) or 0800 1313 126 (Children’s Services)

Who carries out the adaptations work?

We work in partnership with Millbrook Healthcare Home Improvement Agency to deliver our adaptations service. For more information please contact Millbrook Healthcare on 0330 124 7077 or email or visit their website  

Disabled facilities adaptations

What are Adaptation Grants? If you or someone living with you is disabled you may qualify for a disabled facilities adaptation grant, providing necessary adaptations and facilities following a referral from Social Services.

What is grant assistance available for?

  • The works must be necessary and appropriate. This will need to be discussed between the disabled person and an Occupational Therapist from Staffordshire County Council's, Social Services Department.
  • It must also be reasonable and practicable to carry out the works – this often depends on the age, condition and layout of the property. Subject to the above, the following are examples of works that may be available.
  • Widening doors and providing ramps to give wheelchair access into and around the property.
  • Improving access to upstairs facilities, such as installing a stair lift or vertical through the floor lift
  • Provision of ground floor facilities, for instance, a shower room, WC.
  • Making kitchen work areas more accessible.

Who can apply for adaptation grants? You must be a tenant of a Tamworth Borough Council property, even though you may not be the disabled person for whom the works are required.

How much help do I get? Council tenants are currently not subject to a means test but adaptations are at the discretion of the Investment Manager taking into account the suitability of the property, the type of adaptation required and the funding available. Please see attached leaflet for further information

Payment of grant: The payment is made directly to the contractor employed to carry out the adaptation.

How do I apply? Contact the occupational therapist at Staffordshire Cares: 0300 111 8010. An assessment is undertaken by an occupational therapist. They will decide what works are necessary and appropriate. Once we have received the completed assessment you will be included on the Disabled Facilities Adaptations waiting list, you will be advised of this at the time.

Contact: Tel: 01827 709474. Email: