Disabled Facilities Adaptions and Grants

There are two schemes available to assist with funding for disabled adaptions in Tamworth.
There is the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) scheme for private sector residents and there is the Disabled Facilities Adaptions (DFA) scheme for Tamworth Borough Council Tenants.
Both schemes are designed to help with property adaptations to support the needs of people in the household with disabilities. 

What kind of adaptions can be considered?


Who can apply?

To be eligible for a DFG or DFA, you or someone who permanently lives in your home must be disabled or be struggling to manage with daily living tasks.
When you apply, Tamworth Borough Council needs to be satisfied that the adaptation is: 
  • Necessary and appropriate to meet the disabled person’s needs 
  • Reasonable and can be done
We may arrange for an Occupational Therapist (OT) to visit you to assess what equipment or adaptations would best support your needs.

How to apply

To start the adaptation application process (for both schemes) you should first contact ‘Staffordshire Cares’ at Staffordshire County Council and request an adaptation. 
They will complete an “initial assessment” with you and identify what support is needed. They will also assess if they can offer additional support such as:
  • Freestanding Equipment – such as Mobility aids like Walking frames, Shower Chairs, Toilet Frames etc
  • Care or support packages
  • Minor Works – such as grab rails or small ramps etc
  • Identifying needs for DFG/DFA
To contact Staffordshire Cares for an initial assessment, please call:
  • For Adults - 0300 111 8010
  • For Children - 0800 1313 126

You can find out more about Staffordshire Cares here Funding adaptions and equipment - Staffordshire County Council

Next steps

If a need for an adaptation is identified during the initial assessment, Staffordshire Cares will make a referral to the Disabled Adaptations Team at Tamworth Borough Council. We will then contact you to discuss your application.

We may arrange for an OT to visit you to make recommendations about what equipment or adaptation would best support you. We may also ask the Technical Officer to visit your property to ensure that the recommended work can be carried out.

DFG Applications

These are for Homeowners, Housing Association Residents and Private Tenants.

You can also apply if you are landlord, and you have a disabled tenant.

DFG applications are means tested (unless they are for a child under 18), so we may need to talk to you about your financial circumstances. In some instances you may be required to contribute towards the cost of the work to your home. We will also discuss with you if there is any requirement for repaying the grant in the future.

The maximum Grant amount is £30,000.

We cannot offer DFG funding for work that has already started.

For more information on DFG eligibility please follow this link Disabled Facilities Grants: Overview - GOV.UK (

DFA Applications

Disabled Facilities Adaptations are for Tamworth Borough Council Tenants only.

As part of your application we may discuss with you if your current property adequately meets your long-term needs (even with an adaptation). In some cases it may be better for you to move to a home that is already adapted or has existing features, such as level access. We may also discuss re-housing options with you as part of the process.

In some instances, for example, if you were to move to a smaller property (like a flat or bungalow) you may be eligible for the Incentive to Move Scheme.

If we are unable to adapt your property to meet your needs sufficiently and safely, we will discuss your re-housing options.

Adaptations to council properties are carried out by a dedicated team at Equans. They will plan and project manage the work on behalf of Tamworth Borough Council.

Who can I talk to about my new or existing application?

If you have questions about an adaptation, you can contact the Disabled Adaptation Team at Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709709.
You can also email enquiries to