We have a duty to remove graffiti from our spaces and assets and you can contact us to report graffiti. Street Scene operatives and Street Wardens who are regularly on patrol also report graffiti. Anyone caught graffitiing can be arrested and prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and could be fined up to £5000.

Report it:

We aim to remove:

  • Offensive graffiti: within 24 hours of report
  • Excessive graffiti with considerable detriment to the area: within three working days of it being reporting
  • Other: Ten working days from date of report

Please tell us:

  • The exact location
  • Identifying factors: Racist or offensive

A Street Scene member of staff will check the graffiti to check what type of paint has been used, the surface it has been sprayed or painted on and whether it is offensive.  Delays sometimes occur where graffiti is difficult to remove or needs specialist attention.

We will not remove graffiti from private property or business premises as this is the responsibility of the owner/occupier.  We only remove graffiti from public areas and Council property (including council housing).

We do not own the following. Please report to the appropriate organisation.

Canal side areas and structures

British Waterways

Railway property (stations and bridges)

Rail track: 0845 711 4141


Electricity Substations

As identified on the box

Telephone Boxes

As identified on the box

Cable Boxes



Company named on the cable box (you will need to note the identification reference on the box)