Flexible fixed tenancies

Most new tenants have flexible fixed tenancies. Please note these changes do not apply to existing secure council tenants prior to 1st April 2013.

Please see our FAQ on the new fixed tenancies.

Flexible fixed tenancies provide a more flexible use of housing, prioritise housing need and respond to tenancy changes. Secure tenancies will continue to be granted on one-bedroom properties (with no adaptation for people with a disability) and housing designated for older people. Family type housing and properties with adaptations will be granted on flexible fixed term tenancies.

A flexible fixed term tenancy will normally be for five years unless the property is due to be demolished, when it will usually be for two years. The majority of tenancies are likely to be re-issued for a further five year period if there has been no change in housing circumstances.

Types of tenancies we use:

Tenancy types Property type     


One-bedroom properties (except those with adaptations) and designated housing for older people

Non-secure Temporary accommodation linked to homelessness
Flexible fixed term All family type housing, and adapted properties