Empty homes

Do you own an empty home in Tamworth? 

There are around 350 empty homes in Tamworth which have been empty for six months or longer. We are committed to working with owners to bring these homes back into use as housing for people to live in. 

Reporting an empty property: If you know of an empty property, particularly one that has been empty for a long time, please contact us or use our report it online form.

What are the benefits of returning empty homes back into use?

For the owner:

  • If the property is sold, the owner can release any equity within the property
  • If the property is rented, the owner receives an income from the property
  • Leaving a property empty could increase insurance premiums
  • Council Tax is paid for by the tenant

For the community

  • The opportunity for fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour is reduced
  • An empty home can have a negative effect on a neighbourhood, reducing house prices and lowering community pride in an area
  • Provide much-needed housing for the Tamworth area.

For the local economy

  • Bringing an empty home back into use can contribute to the regeneration of an area, increase spending in the local economy and helping to protect the value of surrounding properties
  • Unsightly properties can often deter investment in an area, which can lead to decline

For the wider community

  • It may reduce demands on the Police, Fire Service and Council to deal with associated problems.

The Council has a dedicated team working to return empty homes back into use and does this by offering advice and assistance and, in some instances, financial support to owners of empty homes.

We can offer the following:

For more information on Empty Homes visit the Empty Homes Network website

Report an empty home

Do you know of an empty property in Tamworth, particularly one that has been empty for a long time? If so, you can report it to the Council or alternatively you can report it online. Please provide as much information about the property as you possibly can.

For further information or to report an empty property you can also email: Private-SectorHousing@tamworth.gov.uk