Disclosure log

We often receive Requests For Information (RFI) under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations where the query is of the same thematic nature of a previous request. Responding to requests can place a resource strain on us, especially where they are complex or contain multiple questions. We treat a RFIs from an individual, a company or the media exactly the same.

A great deal of information is already publicly available on our website. In addition, our Disclosure Log below contains frequently asked requests and responses due to current local or national 'hot' topics or information asked for on a regular basis.

N.B. Staffordshire County Council is responsible for Education, Schools, Highways and Health & Social Services/Care, so any requests for information for these topics should be directed to them. You can do this and view their disclosure log on their website: www.staffordshire.gov.uk

Please click on any of the subject titles below to jump to that topic on this page.

Non Domestic Rates

Commercial Rates listings, properties, credits, write offs, SBRR Relief, vacant properties, etc. The following NNDR List are requested on a regular basis, and contain details on accounts, credits, write offs and empty SBRR relief status.


Contracts and Tendering

Subject Request Response Date
ICT Contracts Housing IT Management system Jan 2016
  Wi-fi Contracts Feb 2016
  Procurement Strategies - G Cloud June 2016
  ICT Hardware June 2016
  WAN Contracts July 2016
  Mobile phones July 2016
  Telephony Aug 2016
  Telecommunications Sept 2016
  ICT service desk Feb 2017
  Spending on Computers/Laptops Mar 2017
Non ICT Contracts Enforcement Agents Jan 2016
  Financial Management/ERP system Jan 2016
  Financial Services Jan 2016
  Revenues and Benefits Feb 2016
  Construction procurement Mar 2016
  Commissioning & procurement Mar 2016
  Demolition contracts Apr 2016
  Awarded Contracts Apr 2016
  Procurement Apr 2016
  Insurance May 2016
  Rates retention and appeals May 2016
  ERP Systems Information June 2016
  Fleet information June 2016
  Kerbside collections/recycling Aug 2016
  Council Tax/Business Rates printing Aug 2016
  Public Contracts Regulations Sep 2016
  Parking Contracts Oct 2016
  Price of copier paper Oct 2016
  Contractors - building maintenance Oct 2016
  Contract regarding Prospect PS Oct 2016
  HR and Payroll Oct 2016
  Virtual Learning Environments/e-learning Nov 2016
  Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Nov 2016
  Lift contract details and lift repair costs Feb 2017

Environment, Recycling & Waste 

Subject Request Response Date
Public Space Protection Orders Public Space Protection Orders Jan 2016
  Public Space Protection Orders June 2016
  PSPOs & CPNs Dec 2016
Dogs Dog Warden Services Apr 2016
  Dog Control Orders June 2016
  Dog Fouling June 2016
  Dog Chipping Aug 2016
  Dog Fouling Aug 2016
  Public Space/Dog control orders Aug 2016
  Dog Fouling Complaints Oct 2016
  Stray dogs Oct 2016
  Microchipping of Dogs Jan 2017
  Dog Fouling - Number of Fines issued (by location) Feb 2017
Recycling & Waste Rubbish Uplift Service Feb 2016
  Littering Fines Feb 2016
  Waste and Recycling Mar 2016
  Waste Collection Apr 2016
  Waste collection complaints Apr 2016
  Food safety inspection Apr 2016
  Garden waste May 2016
  Cost of cleaning up litter May 2016
  Recycling Targets May 2016
  Flytipping Jun 2016
  Refuse Collectors Jun 2016
  Flytipping July 2016
  Waste and Recycling Aug 2016
  Bins Aug 2016
  Domestic and trade waste Aug 2016
  Recycling Sept 2016
  Roadkill Oct 2016
  Street cleanliness Nov 2016
  Fly-tipping Nov 2016
  Litter FPNs Dec 2016
  Alternate Weekly Collections (AWC) Dec 2016
  Waste services Dec 2016
  Waste management at public events Dec 2016
  Recycling and plastic Jan 2017
  Charges to collect garden waste Feb 2017
Other Pest Control Services Jan 2016
  Grounds Maintenance Mar 2016
  Contaminated land Apr 2016
  Street cleaning Apr 2016
  Abandoned Vehicles Jun 2016
  ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 Sept 2016
  Complaints data aggressive animals Sept 2016
  Smoking in work vehicles Oct 2016
  Conserved Plant Species Jan 2017
  ‘Big Belly’ solar-powered bins Mar 2017
  Noise nuisance complaints 2016 Apr 2017


Subject Request Response Date
Council Tax Council Tax Support scheme 2016/17 Jan 2016
  Council Tax rate increases Feb 2016
  Council tax and tenure data Mar 2016
  Council Tax Support schemes Jun 2016
  Council Tax Jun 2016
  Council Tax summons Jun 2016
  Council Tax charges Jun 2016
  Council tax reduction scheme Aug 2016
  Bankruptcy orders/charging orders due to unpaid Council Tax Aug 2016
  SMI council tax reductions Oct 2016
  Council Tax Nov 2016
  Council tax query Nov 2016
  Council Tax accounts Nov 2016
  Council Tax payments Jan 2017
  Council Tax debt Jan 2017
  Non-Payment of Council tax Jan 2017
  Council Tax support scheme Feb 2017
Disabled Facilities Disabled Facilities Grants Apr 2016
  Disabled Facilities Grants Aug 2016
  Wheelchair accessible homes Sept 2016
  Disabled facilities Nov 2016
Discretionary Housing Payments Discretionary Housing Payments Feb 2016
  Discretionary Housing Payments Aug 2016
  Discretionary Housing Payments Aug 2016
  Discretionary Housing payments Jan 2017
Empty Properties Empty Homes registered as vacant in the financial year of 2015/2016 Feb 2017
Homelessness Temporary and emergency accommodation Jan 2016
  Temporary Accommodation May 2016
  Cost of Homelessness data May 2016
  Housing companies May 2016
  Nightly booked/annexe accommodation Nov 2016
  Homelessness budget Nov 2016
  Bed & Breakfast Costs Dec 2016
  Homeless fines Jan 2017
New Housing New Homes Bonus grants Aug 2016
Private Landlord Services Selective landlord licensing scheme May 2016
  Landlord immigration checks policy Dec 2016
  Private rented sector housing Dec 2016
  Private rented sector enforcement Jan 2017
  Enforcement action taken against private landlords 2012-2016 Apr 2017
Right to Buy Right to Buy Social Mobility Fund Mar 2016
  Right to Buy Sales Apr 2017
Other Care Home Charges Jan 2016
  Housing complaints Feb 2016
  Housing allocations list Feb 2016
  Housing Feb 2016
  Ex-servicemen accommodation Feb 2016
  Kitchen amenities in dwellings Feb 2016
  Housing Related Support Feb 2016
  Housing Benefits Feb 2016
  Housing Mar 2016
  Social Housing Mar 2016
  Social Sector Homes Mar 2016
  Women in Council Housing Apr 2016
  Resettlement scheme Apr 2016
  Social Housing Apr 2016
  Housing waiting list Apr 2016
  Housing companies May 2016
  Lifts and maintenance May 2016
  Assaults reported against housing staff May 2016
  Cannabis cultivation Jun 2016
  Water charges Jun 2016
  Residential park home sites Jun 2016
  Vulnerable Person Resettlement Jun 2016
  Mortgage Payments Jun 2016
  Spare room subsidy Jul 2016
  Supported Housing Aug 2016
  Non-standard construction housing  Aug 2016
  Alternative accommodation Aug 2016
  Housing Aug 2016
  Extra Care Schemes Sep 2016
  Housing due to domestic abuse/violence Oct 2016
  Compulsory Purchase Order Oct 2016
  Property Guardians Oct 2016
  Exorcists Oct 2016
  Residential Properties/Households Oct 2016
  HMO properties Nov 2016
  War Pension Scheme & Care Nov 2016
  Housing company Nov 2016
  Tenant names forwarding addresses Nov 2016
  Council house waiting list Dec2016
  HMO licensing consultations Dec 2016
  Services for women Dec 2016
  Housing register Dec 2016
  Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (SVPRS) Dec 2016
  Social housing Jan 2017
  Tenants affected by new Benefit cap Jan 2017
  Selective & additional HMO schemes Jan 2017
  Council Funded Home Care Feb 2017
  Housing for war veterans and asylum seekers/refugees Feb 2017
  Breakdown of authority's social housing waiting list Mar 2017
  Temporary accommodation and sheltered housing Mar 2017
  Council Houses Apr 2017

Human Resources, Staffing and Structures                    

Subject Request Response Date
Staff and Structure Council Employment  Jan 2016
  Managers and directors Feb 2016
  Temporary Agency Staff Feb 2016
  Recruitment management system Mar 2016
  Housing Department Structure Information Mar 2016
  Names of managers for departments Mar 2016
  Temporary Agency Staff Apr 2016
  Call out rates Apr 2016
  Staffing Numbers May 2016
  Employee of information Jun 2016
  Training Jul 2016
  Harrassment/bullying Jul 2016
  Use of interim managers Jul 2016
  Overpayments July 2016
  Alcohol Testing July 2016
  e-cigarettes and vaping policy Aug 2016
  Cyber Abuse Policy Aug 2016
  Procurement team & e-tendering Aug 2016
  Contact details - training Aug 2016
  Safe working practices Aug 2016
  Temporary agency workers Aug 2016
  Recruitment Aug 2016
  Contact Centre Aug 2016
  Social Media Sep 2016
  Council Status/Liability Oct 2016
  IT / ICT technical training courses Oct 2016
  Names and contact details of ICT roles Oct 2016
  Structure and details of job roles Oct 2016
  Premises licensing manager Oct 2016
  HR Oct 2016
  Organisation information Nov 2016
  HR and Payroll department Nov 2016
  Street cleaners Nov 2016
  Pay bill costs for staff employed on NJC Green Book conditions Dec 2016
  Contact Information - various Jan 2017
  Drug and Alcohol policy Jan 2017
  Contact Information - Housing Jan 2017
  ICT structure Feb 2017
  Total number of employees and how many offices the council work from Mar 2017
  Employees made redundant broken (compulsory and voluntary redundancies) Mar 2017
  Employment Referencing procedures Apr 2017
  Falsified CVs/job applications Apr 2017
  Number of food safety and hygiene environmental health inspectors Apr 2017
  Salaries of employees suspended on 'gardening leave'? Apr 2017
  Number of Access Officers working within the council Apr 2017

Leisure services and Partnerships​ 

Subject Request Response Date
Golf Course An archive of FOI requests pre 2015 is on our Golf Course Redevelopment webpage  
  Tree Preservation Orders on golf course site Mar 2015
Other Children's play areas Apr 2016
  Leisure facilities information Apr 2016
  Leisure centres May 2016
  Leisure and Sports activities May 2016
  Cultural Institutions May 2016
  Queen's Events funding Aug 2016
  Playground Budgets & Closures Sept 2016
  Council spend on Christmas lights Nov 2016
  Christmas Lights Switch on Dec 2016
  Leisure Services Dec 2016
  Tamworth Football Club Ground Jan 2017
  Restrictions on Football grounds Jan 2017
  Council Owned Leisure Facilities Feb 2017

Parking Permits, Fines, PCNs

Subject Request Response Date
Parking Money received by the council due to “overvending” from parking meters June 2016
  Parking July 2016
  Parking - various Aug 2016
  Parking Wardens Aug 2016
  Parking restrictions/Civil enforcement Oct 2016
  Parking Meters / New Pound coin Feb 2017
  Money collected in unreturned change or over-vend from car parking meters/machines in 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 Mar 2017
  Car Parking ticket machines and annual income Apr 2017
Parking fines Parking fines Apr 2016
  Parking Fines Nov 2016
  Parking Challenges/appeals Dec 2016
  Parking Fines Apr 2017
Parking permits Parking permits Apr 2016



Subject Request Response Date
Section 106 agreements Section 106 agreements Nov 2016
Planning Planning Jan 2016
  Planning Applications Mar 2016
  CIL-based funding Mar 2016
  Local Planning requests Apr 2016
  Property documentation Apr 2016
  Local land search information - various Apr 2016
  Residential Applications - greenfield/brownfield May 2016
  SuDS May 2016
  EIA Screening June 2016
  Planning Jul 2016
  Building Heritage Partnership Aug 2016
  Dropped kerb/vehicle applications Aug 2016
  Residential Basement Applications Aug 2016
  Land for Public Purpose Aug 2016
  Phone mast access/rental agreements Aug 2016
  Planning Agreements Sep 2016
  Gypsy and Traveller pitch supply Oct 2016
  PPA Oct 2016
  Article 4 Oct 2016
  Town and Village Green Oct 2016
  Planning Applications Nov 2016
  Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Nov 2016
  Planning Nov 2016
  Audit register Nov 2016
  Breach of condition notices Nov 2016
  Gypsy and traveller sites Dec 2016
  Mobile Network Plans Jan 2017
  Planning application decision over 26 weeks Feb 2017
  Brownfield Sites register and all local Government held assets Mar 2017
  Planning application system/ database Mar 2017

Public Health Burials

Subject Request Response Date
Pauper Funerals Number of and Council’s spend on Pauper Funerals Dec 2016
  Paupers Funerals Dec 2016
  Paupers Funerals Dec 2016
Other Public Health Funerals Feb 2016
  Public Health funerals Oct 2016
  Intestate estates July 2016
  Cost of a post mortem Sep 2016
  Public health funerals Oct 2016
  Genealogy and public health funerals Jan 2017

Public Registers, Lists and Licenses

Subject Request Response Date
Hackney Carriage & Private Taxis Taxi Drivers from other areas Nov 2016
  Taxi Licensing Nov 2016
  Taxi Licensing Dec 2016
  Lists of Accessible Taxis under S167 Equality Act 2010 Apr 2017
Animal Licenses & Registers Details of breeding licenses and visits for 2014 and 2015 to date Nov 2015
  Zoo Licensing Jan 2016
  Pet shop Licensing Mar 2016
  Premises licensed - Pet Animal Act Apr 2016
  Primate Licensing Apr 2016
  Wild Animals Licenses Apr 2016
  Zoo Licencing May 2016
  Animal Licenses July 2016
  Dangerous Wild Animals Act Aug 2016
  Animal Licenses Aug 2016
  Food Businesses list Oct 2016
  Licensed Dog Breeding Oct 2016
  Circus animals Oct 2016
  Pet shop licensing Dec 2016
  Animals requiring licensing under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 Apr 2017
Premises Licenses including liquor, betting & tattoo Public register of food businesses Feb 2016
  Licensed Venues Feb 2016
  Licensed campsites Mar 2016
  Food businesses Aug 2016
  Registered Food Businesses Aug 2016
  Late Night Levy Aug 2016
  Shisha cafes Oct 2016
  Licensing Act 2003 Dec 2016
  Tamworth Premises Register Dec 2016
  Complaints against pubs Jna 2017



Subject Request Response Date
CCTV CCTV and ANPR cameras Mar 2016
CON29 CON29 June 2016
  CON29 June 2016
  3.7 Outstanding Notices (CON29) June 2016
  Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL, CON29) June 2016
  Assets of Community value (CON29) June 2016
  Public Rights of Way (CON 29) June 2016
  Sustainable Drainage Systems (CON 29) June 2016
  Community infrastructure levy (CiL) Feb 2017
ICT Network usage Mar 2016
  Council Digital Strategy Apr 2016
  Traffic Authorities Correspondence Apr 2016
  Networking, Client, Software May 2016
  Cloud adoption in Local Government May 2016
  Councillor emails Aug 2016
  Disaster Recovery Sept 2016
  Budget spent on cyber security Dec 2016
  FOI Recording Software Dec 2016
  Business Process Automation (BPA) Jan 2017
  Cyber Security Strategy Mar 2017
  Cyber attacks May 2017
  Development of mobile applications May 2017
  Provision of Assistive Technology May 2017
Electoral Local Elections - Young Voters Apr 2016
  Overseas Voting EU Referendum June 2016
  Individual Electoral Registration July 2016
  Councillors' Allowance Scheme July 2016
  Democratic Services Aug 2016
  Age of Registered voters Aug 2016
  Ward by ward referendum data Aug 2016
  Electoral & democratic services Aug 2016
  Political assistants Oct 2016
Other Asylum Seeker Children Jan 2016
  Missing Children Reports Jan 2016
  Personality disorder diagnosis Jan 2016
  Credit/debit cards Jan 2016
  External lighting design Jan 2016
  Payments to organisations Jan 2016
  Disability Jan 2016
  Fuel poverty Jan 2016
  Asylum seeking children Feb 2016
  Traffic lights Feb 2016
  Speed cameras Feb 2016
  Roadworks Feb 2016
  Spending on advertising Feb 2016
  Limited Companies Feb 2016
  Legal panel and fees Feb 2016
  Ratepayers for George Street Mar 2016
  Revenue from film and production Mar 2016
  Land and property purchases Mar 2016
  Media License Mar 2016
  External Organisations Surveillance Mar 2016
  Cleaning services Mar 2016
  Section 106 negotiations Mar 2016
  Genealogy companies Mar 2016
  Drones Mar 2016
  Children vulnerable to extremism Mar 2016
  Public Drinking law Mar 2016
  Electrical Work Mar 2016
  Electrical Work procedures Mar 2016
  Shared Space roads Mar 2016
  Public toilets Apr 2016
  Public toilets Apr 2016
  Next of Kin Searches Apr 2016
  Local Welfare Assistance Apr 2016
  Invoices and agencies Apr 2016
  Charitable relief Apr 2016
  EU Funding Apr 2016
  Illegal knife sale convictions Apr 2016
  Invoices Apr 2016
  Bidders Quality Submission Apr 2016
  Energy Cost Strategy May 2016
  Health and safety prosecutions in relation to lifts & escalators May 2016
  Spending on Communications May 2016
  Shooting Rights May 2016
  Breaches of Data Protection Act June 2016
  UK Highways Procurement June 2016
  Public Right of Way July 2016
  Land Charges - public rights of way July 2016
  Licensed Wedding Venues July 2016
  ERDF and ESF (European Funding) July 2016
  e-billing July 2016
  Noise complaints - Wilnecote July 2016
  Policies / Procedures Aug 2016
  Civic receptions Aug 2016
  Maverick spend Aug 2016
  Body worn cameras Aug 2016
  Grants for Social Welfare Sept 2016
  Building and repair 1900AD - 2000AD Oct 2016
  Contact centre calls Oct 2016
  Private hire operators of IVR Nov 2016
  Charity shops Nov 2016
  Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Nov 2016
  Electonic purchasing cards Nov 2016
  Solar panels and infrastructure Nov 2016
  Abandoned properties Nov 2016
  External law firms Nov 2016
  Emergency Planning Nov 2016
  Drug and alcohol treatment Nov 2016
  Outline of Situation Nov 2016
  Products catalogue Dec 2016
  Road Surfacing Jan 2017
  Cyclist Road Safety Incidents Jan 2017
  Looked after Children Jan 2017
  At home care for the elderly Jan 2017
  Public work services Jan 2017
  Referrals under the Prevent Scheme Feb 2017
  Councils formal maternity, paternity, parental and/or adoption leave policy for all councillors Feb 2017
  Electric Vehicle Charging Apr 2017