Support for the vulnerable

Advice and FAQs for the vulnerable

Family Hub Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies

Staffordshire County Council are encouraging Tamworth families who are struggling financially and would benefit from some support to purchase food, to get in touch with their Family Hub via Staffordshire Connects website.

Families could be entitled to a weekly £15 food voucher per person, within the household, for a maximum of three weeks. These can then be used at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s or Tesco’s. Find out more here.

Extra support is also available locally for people who may not be clinically extremely vulnerable, but who still need to take extra precautions. See FAQs below for more information.

I need assistance due to job loss, furlough advice, benefits
The Tamworth Advice Centre (Citizens Advice)  is still operating for telephone and digital services:

I am not registered CEV, but am isolating or have COVID-19 with NO ACCESS to the internet or family and friends to assist with food shopping.

You are able to register over the phone as follows:-


Service Provided

How to Access


Doorstep Delivery Service

Morrisons have set up a new service that allows vulnerable and elderly residents to phone 0345 611 6111 and order essential food items. The order will take 24 hours to process and will be delivered by Morrisons staff. Contactless payment is made on delivery. There is no delivery charge for this service. Call 0345 611 6111 and select option 5 to place your order. Any order placed before 5pm Morrisons will aim to deliver the next day. In order to use this service you must live within 10 miles of a Morrisons store. for more information.

Tamworth Co-op

Home Delivery

All telephone and email orders are subject to a £5 delivery charge.

Email your order to requesting a return confirmation or call 01827 337 299.

Once your shopping has been picked, the store will call back to take payment over the phone.

Housebound customers can use our order book system and place their next order immediately after the current one is delivered

Goods are delivered every day except Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays, but restrictions apply to certain areas. Please ask when making an order.

Orders received by telephone or email will be delivered the following day (subject to service demand), if they received before 1.30pm.
Specific delivery time slots not available
All items are subject to availability.



For vulnerable customers who have been offered a slot and are unable to place their order online, Sainsbury’s are offering a telephone ordering service.

For customers who are vulnerable and registered with Sainsbury’s via the Shielding Service call 0800 917 8557 to access this service.

The general telephone order number for all other customers is 0800 328 1700


Food boxes/prepared meals are also available from the following wholesalers:





Fruit, veg and salad options


Phone (0344 412 9985) - Call and collect mainline products from depot

Online –

Darts Farm

Meat, fruit, veg and salad options


Phone – dedicated line for over 70s (0139 287 8209)

Online –

Apetito / Wiltshire Farm Foods

Prepared meal options

Dedicated vulnerable person telephone line (0800 066 2610)

Online –

Foods   Online –


I am vulnerable or isolating but need some assistance to get delivery slots

Staffordshire County Council has secured access via DEFRA to priority food slots from Tesco and Iceland for vulnerable people who are not CEV but may not be able to get on-line shopping.

Please call 01827 709709 should you wish to be considered for registration

I have family and friends and am able to pay for shopping but would like some assistance        

There are a range of options to assist people who may wish to pre-pay

Payment option

How to access

Where can I use it


Supermarket e-gift voucher

Purchase on-line/by telephone

Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Aldi, 

You will need access to a printer to print off the voucher before it can be used (Aldi are sending out paper versions of their vouchers and you can show the Waitrose voucher on your phone instead of printing it).

Supermarket plastic voucher

Friends/family to purchase in store and give or send to you for sharing with volunteer

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer 

Can be topped up online

Pre-paid cards

Currently only if you already have one

Any shop taking Visa or Mastercard

Defra is working with card issuers to make these more available


I am receiving benefits/have recently lost my job/struggling to afford to pay for food

The Tamworth Foodbank IS STILL OPERATING at the Manna House, 258-264 Glascote Road, Tamworth. For opening hours see

Referrals can be made for food access through Tamworth Borough Council – please call us on 01827 709709

A Drop-Shop-Project - set up as a pop-up shop operated by ‘Hive Foundation’ and staffed by their volunteer team ‘Tamworth Volunteer Support Group’; enabling those most in need in our community, suffering from food poverty as a result of the current pandemic, to ‘drop’ in to purchase food and key items for a very, very, very cheap fixed price.
Rules will apply:
1 x standard carrier bag £4
2 x standard carrier bag £7
Premium products selection box £10
Delivery within 5miles £3

Enquiries call: 01827 59646. Where is it? - Sacred Heart Church (In the car park).
When is it open? Mon - Fri : 10am-3pm Saturday :10am-1pm

Tamworth Pantry – the group provides a pop-up pantry based on community donations around Tamworth for food distribution to those in most need.  Locations include Leyfields Community Centre, St Martins Church, Stonydelph and Sacred Heart Church, Glascote Heath. Details are

I have food but am feeling very isolated or just need someone to talk to
The Tamworth Telephone Support Service (operated by Community Together CIC) is available Monday – Sunday 10am to 4pm 01827 59646 until at least 31 January 2021.

The service can offer a friendly ear, referrals to bereavement services, virtual activities and advice around accessing food.

A Hub to Home hot food service is available at a small charge on a Monday and Wednesday. See website for details 

Will Community Together deliver food parcels?
Yes – in exceptional circumstances. Volunteers from Tamworth Community Together will ask you some questions to see if you need this; this is to ensure those who need help most can access it. If you have alternative support and/or enough food for this week then they will probably help with contacting your family or help with online food shops.  They will do their best to explain how we can help and refer callers to organisations who can assist as necessary.

For more information about various local help available, please visit our Coronavirus Local Help page.