Coronavirus additional measures at sheltered schemes

Additional measures to protect older tenants, visitors and staff at our sheltered schemes - Updated 17 May 2021.

1.    Return of Sheltered Scheme Managers

Since 12th April  2021 our Scheme Managers returned to work back at their schemes full time;

  • Week commencing 12 April 2021, resume working full days back at our schemes – Monday to Friday (with exception of bank holidays), times range from 8am to 4pm (these times may vary slightly)

Before returning every Scheme Manager received appropriate `Covid Secure Risk Assessment` safety training and is required to adhere to similar safety measures as residents and visitors, in particular face coverings, social distancing, good hygiene and maintaining contact with residents over the phone to reduce the risk of spreading the virus by face to face contact. The leaflet below, explains all of the sheltered housing services you will safely continue to receive from your Scheme Manager and what safety measures they will be required to adhere to.

Important : Please continue to make contact with your Scheme Manager over the phone to avoid face to face contact, this reducing the spread of the virus.

2.    Visitors in-line with government guidance

Sheltered residents can have visitors to their homes but this must be strictly in-line with government guidance at the time of the visit to ensure the safety of those living, working and visiting our sheltered schemes. As government guidance frequently changes, your Scheme Manager will keep you updated on the current government guidance regards how many visitors you are allowed into your home at any one time.

With easing of restrictions we must all continue to be extremely careful so that this does not impact on anyone in our sheltered housing schemes. It is therefore vitally important that everyone including you and your visitors follow the safety measures that we have put in place at your scheme.  There's a useful leaflet `Guide to Sheltered Housing Coronavirus Safety Measures` at the bottom of this page, which contains all of the information you and your visitors need to know to stay as safe as possible whilst staying/visiting our schemes.  Please take time to carefully read the enclosed guide so you fully understand what you need to do.  We also kindly ask that you share this important information with your visitors in addition to the Council displaying a wide range of safety notifications throughout every scheme.

The safety measures that we have put in place are key to keeping sheltered residents, visitors and staff safe.  In particular, not permitting entry to visitors who have symptoms of Covid 19, everyone (this includes residents, visitors and staff) wearing face coverings in communal areas, good hygiene, adhering to social distancing and avoiding face to face contact with Scheme Managers.

To reassure you we will continue to closely monitor the situation at all our sheltered schemes and if there are any concerns around visiting then we may have reinstate visitor access restrictions with immediate effect, in which case you will be notified.

Remember accepting visitors  into your home is your decision,  so if for any reason you would prefer to continue to restrict visitors and/or continue to shield yourself from the virus for the time being then please let your Scheme Manager know.

3.    Communal Rooms

With the government easing restrictions we are planning on re-opening our communal rooms soon in-line with government guidance, subject to all the necessary covid secure arrangements in place.  So until then all our sheltered housing communal rooms will remain closed. This means the only rooms that remain open at this time where applicable are one communal toilet, lift, bin rooms and laundries.

When communal rooms  re-open, as you would expect there will be new safety measures in place  - in particular, changing the layout of the room to enable social distancing and limiting the number of residents who can use the room at any one time.  The leaflet below `Guide to Sheltered Housing Coronavirus Safety Measures`  contains all of the information you will need to know.

Again, to reassure you we will continue to closely monitor the situation and when we believe it is safe enough to re-open communal rooms you will be notified.

If you have any specific questions, please contact your Scheme Manager in the first instance, as they are always happy to help.