Caretaking and cleaning

The Caretaking Team is based in Caledonian, Glascote.
Contact: Tel: 01827 254867. Email:

The team reacts to the needs of tenants while keeping areas clean and tidy. Once a job reported to them, it is assessed and prioritised with the following jobs being the most common:

Removal of fly-tipping on Council owned land: Prior to removal, we carry out an investigation to see if there is evidence which could lead to prosecution. If you witness fly-tipping, please report it online or tel: 01827 709491.

Clearance of Council owned alleyways: Cutting back overgrowth, remove fly-tipping and garden waste.

Ivy control: Ivy can damage tiles and grow into central heating boiler vents and across windows. We aim to prevent this by cutting the ivy off at ground level, killing it at the stump.

Graffiti Removal 

Graffiti on council owned property is now being tackled by using a state of the art graffiti removal system using environmentally safe products. Combined with a 3000 psi power wash system we can now remove graffiti more efficiently. If you are a council tenant or a tenant of another social housing landlord In Tamworth,  we can provide a graffiti removal service. Please see our duties for non-council properties or land.

Report graffiti online

We will:

  • Remove graffiti from council properties free of charge
  • Remove graffiti from other social landlords properties
  • Remove graffiti as long as it is accessible and not higher than three metres
  • Remove all graffiti within 28 working days
  • Remove all offensive or racist graffiti within 48 hours of notification
  • Work alongside organisations such as the police, Neighbourhood Watch and Crimestoppers to make every effort to prosecute caught offenders.
  • We will take action against anyone who commits vandalism to a council property.  We will take photographs of all graffiti removed, which may be used as evidence in court.
  • We will remove the graffiti using a high-pressure machine, which uses special environmentally friendly products.

Application of anti vandal paint and signs on Council-owned property: A coating of anti-vandal paint is applied to walls or fences followed by signage to warn that anti-vandal paint has been used.

Other work that we do: 

  • General clearance work, emptying contaminated green bins
  • Jet washing bins in communal areas, Cutting back and clearing of areas that have been neglected
  • Following fire damage the team have repainted communal areas