Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour relates to actions by others that cause you alarm, distress, or high levels of nuisance and annoyance.

This could include things like harassment, intimidation or threats, frequent late-night noise, people being drunk and noisy or abusive in public, domestic abuse and physical violence.

It could also relate to behaviour which affects the management of housing services.

There are other behaviours which might be annoying to you but wouldn’t necessarily meet the threshold for anti-social behaviour on their own, such as parking and neighbour disputes, one-off parties, ball games, household noise during the day (unless it is really loud) and overgrown gardens.

In these instances, we would recommend trying to resolve issues on your own first where it is safe and possible to do so. Our page on being a good neighbour has some useful information on this.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

If you think you have a case of anti-social behaviour to report, and it isn’t a police emergency, the first step is to get in touch with our Neighbourhood Impact Team by making a report.

Report anti-social behaviour here.

If your complaint meets the criteria for anti-social behaviour, the team will investigate and try to help resolve it. If it doesn’t, they will be able to advise you on what to do next, which could be to put you in touch with another council department or authority.

You might be asked to keep a diary of the anti-social behaviour or provide evidence in other ways, such as using the Noise app.

You can read more in this government guide to anti-social behaviour. While it is aimed at tenants of social housing, it contains various information that is useful for all.

You can also read our anti-social behaviour policy.

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