About us

Tamworth is a large market town right in the centre of Britain – close enough to Birmingham to share the benefits of working with England’s second city, but far enough away to have our own distinct identity.

The borough of Tamworth has a population of 78,600 and you can find out more from the 2021 census. At Tamworth Borough Council, we're responsible for providing a wide range of services for those residents, as well as for the many businesses based here and the people who visit the borough. Our Council is currently made up of: 14 Conservative councillors, 10 Labour councillors and 6 independent councillors.

What we do

The services we provide include: housing and housing repairs, help with benefits, council tax, planning, leisure, waste collections and recycling, street cleaning, environmental health, business rates (collected on behalf of the government), help with setting up a business and applying for licenses.

We also run Tamworth Castle, Tamworth Assembly Rooms and Tamworth Enterprise Centre

What we don't do, but can help you with:

But our aim is not just to provide services – we also have a vision for ‘Tamworth - celebrating our heritage, creating a better future’. This sees us working in partnership with other organisations to make Tamworth a better place for people to live, work and visit.