Council housing in Tamworth

The availability of social housing in Tamworth is limited and demand far outweighs supply. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide a council house to everyone who applies. Our housing register is therefore designed to ensure priority is given to those who need help most.

Houses are allocated based on specific priority housing needs, which have been set in accordance with Government legislation. People can only be accepted onto the housing register if they meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for housing need.

For example, this could include people who are homeless, those who need to move for social, medical or welfare reasons, people who live in unsanitary, overcrowded or otherwise unsatisfactory housing and former or serving members of the armed forces who have suffered illness or injury in service.

A banding system is used to assess applications so that those in the highest bands on the register, and therefore those with the greatest identified housing needs, are given priority for a home. The register is not a waiting list – need will always take precedence over the amount of time someone has been on the register.

If you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless soon, please visit our homelessness pages or get in touch using the information at the bottom of this page.

Who can apply for council housing

Local connection criteria

In addition to having an identified need for housing, applicants must also have a ‘local connection’ to Tamworth.

You will need to evidence one of the following:

  • Residency - you have lived in the borough continuously for two years leading up to and during your application
  • Employment – you have been permanently employed or self-employed in the borough continuously for 12 months leading up to your application, working more than 16 hours per week.
  • Close family – you have close family members (parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren) with additional health/welfare needs that require you to move to Tamworth to give or receive support. They need to have been resident in the town for at least five years. Evidence includes birth certificates, medical documents and evidence of residence.
  • Other special reason – if you believe you have a local connection for another reason, please provide a covering letter and supporting evidence.

Other exemptions

There are other reasons why you might not be accepted onto the housing register in Tamworth. For example:

  • You are single and have an annual household income of £30,000 or more
  • You are a couple with an annual household income of £60,000 or more
  • You are a homeowner – apart from exceptional circumstances
  • You have excessive savings or capital
  • You have no identifiable housing need
  • You have breached a former tenancy agreement

People from abroad

To be able to join the housing register, you must be eligible to receive public funds.

In addition:

  • British and Irish citizens need to provide proof of citizenship with identity documents
  • Applicants from the European Economic Area (EEA) will need to provide proof of ‘settled status’ or ‘pre-settled status’. If you have pre-settled status, further information will be required.
  • People from other countries will need to provide proof of leave to remain within the UK and any restrictions to public funds. This includes a residency permit or other home office documentation.

Help with housing

More information about how housing need is assessed is detailed in our guide to finding a home and housing allocations policy.

To submit an application please visit this page about applying to join Tamworth’s housing register.

Help relating to housing issues is available to anyone who needs it. If you don’t think you’re eligible to apply for social housing, but you’re struggling to manage your current home or tenancy, please get in touch to discuss your options. Other support may be available.

Call 01827 709709, email or use the webchat.