New ‘Transforming Tamworth’ website launched, detailing town centre regeneration projects


Screenshot of new website homepageA new website has been launched detailing all the projects taking place to regenerate and transform Tamworth town centre in the coming years.

There are a number of regeneration programmes underway that will have a huge impact on Tamworth town centre, including the Future High Streets Fund, the Gungate Precinct development, the final stages of the Enterprise Quarter programme and more.

These have all been brought together under the banner of ‘Transforming Tamworth’ with a new website which will be the ‘go to’ resource for Tamworth residents and businesses looking for information about the projects.

So far the website includes:

  • A new vision for Tamworth and the story so far
  • An overview of the Future High Streets Fund work and the five projects that will be delivered as part of the investment
  • The Gungate Precinct project aims and background
  • Other projects such as the Enterprise Quarter scheme (the Corporation Street work including refurbishment of Tamworth Assembly Rooms, creation of Tamworth Enterprise Centre and the redevelopment of the Carnegie Centre into a restaurant), Tamworth Castle improvements, the Welcome Back Fund and more.

There is also a mailing list that businesses can subscribe to if they want to receive the latest news to their inbox.

As the projects progress, the website will be updated with information on items such as planning applications, architect drawings, opportunities for residents and businesses to get involved, engagement events and any announcements/timings around construction work.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, said: “Tamworth Borough Council has been working on a new vision for the town centre. We know shopping habits have changed and people don’t use the high street in the way they used to. Our town centre has to evolve and adapt to meet that change in demand.

“We want to restore Tamworth town centre as the beating heart of the community. That means making it a place that people want to visit, rather than a place they have to visit. We are working towards that aim with a number of significant regeneration projects which will represent tens of millions of pounds worth of investment.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have been successful in our bid for funding from the Future High Streets Fund. Tamworth was one of 72 towns to win a share of the £830m fund. It was one of only 15 towns to receive the full amount asked for. Of those, our award was the fourth largest amount.

“That is down to the strength of our bid and the fact it met the very strict criteria that had to be followed. The money can only be spent on very specific ‘transformational’ projects.

“The £21.65m from the fund will be added to by additional investment from other parties, representing around £40m from this one project alone. At the same time, we are working on plans to redevelop a large area of land around the former Gungate Precinct, to finally bring that into use in a way that will be viable and supported by market demands.

“There’s also the £6m Enterprise Quarter project which is in the final stages now, with the redevelopment of the Carnegie Centre into a restaurant. In addition to this, there are various other smaller projects going on that will all contribute to the overall transformation of Tamworth.

“The council is constantly looking for funding opportunities and projects that can help improve the town centre. Many town centres have suffered and will continue to suffer if they don’t adapt; luckily we have the means to be able to do something about it and Tamworth town centre will look very different in the next few years.

“I’d encourage people to have a look at the new website and learn more about the exciting plans to transform Tamworth.”

The website can be viewed at