Join a ‘Virtual Bloom’ celebration this July

The 2020 Tamworth in Bloom campaign may have been cancelled this year due to Covid-19 crisis, but Tamworth Borough Council’s Bloom team are asking residents to join our ‘online virtual tour’, as we explore planting that has taken place across the borough; community projects which have been started; residents’ amazing gardens; gardening ‘tips’; and a recap on previous winning Tamworth in Bloom displays.

Last year Tamworth Borough Council celebrated its tenth year of gold with the theme of ‘Blooming Tamworth’ – More than just flowers; the focus celebrated everything that is great about Tamworth including its community, events and history.

This year’s theme didn’t get launched, but the bloom team are hoping this can be rescheduled for 2021. However, Street Scene have fortunately been able to plant the flower beds in the Castle Grounds and landscape the area around the Tamworth Assembly Rooms, in a bid to make these areas attractive for locals and visitors to enjoy when visiting the town this summer.

Communities and groups, such as the volunteers who take care of our local nature reserves, businesses and individuals have been getting involved with some exciting new projects that involve more than just planting or hanging baskets. We hope to share this with you during the ‘virtual tour’.

Cllr John Chesworth, Cabinet member for Culture and Operational Services, said: “There are many things to be proud of in Tamworth and I’m delighted to see residents and business have been uniting together during lockdown and making their open spaces attractive for people to enjoy when out walking and exercising.

“Tamworth in Bloom has never been just about the flowers – it’s about working with and celebrating the groups, organisations and individuals in the borough, and doing our bit to make Tamworth a place that is welcoming with a strong community spirit.

“We hope that people will enjoy our week of ‘virtual bloom’ which will take place from July 14 on the Tamworth Arts and Events and council Facebook pages and twitter.”