Our vision is ''One Tamworth, Perfectly Placed', which is made up of evidence-based priorities and our work with other organisations. Our performance is based against these priorities.


1. “Living a quality life in Tamworth”
To achieve this we will: 
  • Support and protect individuals and communities that are or may become vulnerable,
  • Enable residents to improve their health and quality of life,
  • Work together with partners and residents to tackle the causes of inequality in Tamworth,
  • Work together with residents to maintain and improve a safe, clean and green environment,
  • Work together to improve housing quality in Tamworth.

2. “Growing strong together in Tamworth”
To achieve this we will:

  • Develop and support the local economy, together with local businesses and partners through our regional influence,
  • Work with businesses and developers to create a vibrant and sustainable town centre,
  • Work together to strengthen the connections between schools/FE & HE/Employment to create opportunities for higher skilled and better paid jobs,
  • Work together to strengthen the relationships between schools/FE & HE/Employers,
  • Champion higher skilled and better paid jobs in Tamworth,
  • Use our regional influence to support an environment where business and enterprise can flourish and grow,
  • Adopt a commercial approach to managing Council assets in order to enhance the viability of the Borough Council,
  • Work together to preserve and promote Tamworth’s heritage, leisure and natural environment,
  • Work together to preserve our culture; preserve our heritage and sustain our natural environment.

3. “Delivering quality services in Tamworth”
To achieve this we will:

  • Provide accurate information via a fully integrated Customer Services Centre,
  • Work with customers to improve their access to council services,
  • Enable and support Tamworth residents and businesses using our statutory and regulatory powers,
  • Enable greater public engagement in local decision making,
  • Demonstrate value for money.