Sleeping rough

Rough Sleeper

The term 'rough sleeper' refers to people who are street homeless, with no access to accommodation. Rough sleepers may sleep in tents, doorways, alleyways or subways, amongst other places. This information tells you what you can do if you see a rough sleeper.

No Second Night Out (NSNO)

'No Second Night Out' is a national government initiative which aims at reducing the numbers of people sleeping rough on UK streets.  The initiative is to ensure any new rough sleeper has no more than one night out.

The Government expects all councils to have a 'No Second Night Out' approach in place.  Tamworth Borough Council has signed up to the West Midlands “No Second Night Out” Standard which is works towards the vision that:

“…no one will live on the streets of West Midlands and no individual arriving on the streets for the first time will sleep out for more than one night …”

To do this, we - along with other councils in the region - have committed to:

  • Provide one point of contact for reporting rough sleepers – for us, this is our Housing Solutions Team
  • Extend outreach services across the wider region: we work with Brighter Futures to deliver a service to offer advice and support and - in some instances - temporary accommodation for rough sleepers
  • Rolling out an agreed database in each region – This is currently being developed
  • The co-ordination of annual rough sleeper counts across the region – The Government asks all authorities once a year to make an estimate, or count, how many rough sleepers there are in its area. This is co-ordinated across the region
  • The co-ordination of cold weather provision: The Council must offer temporary accommodation to rough sleepers when the weather is very cold
  • Offer personalised solutions and individual budgets: We work with Brighter Futures, who, can in some instances, offer financial support to help rough sleepers back into accommodation
  • Facilitate reconnection: Sometimes Rough Sleepers may come to Tamworth from other areas or countries. We will work with the individual to help them return to the area where they last had a home, if it is safe to do so.

Please visit the No Second Night Out website for more information.

What to do if you are rough sleeping?

If you are rough sleeping or are homeless and will be sleeping rough as you have no where else to go, we may be able to help. You can either call the Housing Solutions team on 01827 709709, or you can report yourself as homeless in our reception, Marmion House, Lichfield Street, where staff can arrange for someone to talk to you.

If you have slept rough, you may have been approached by the rough sleeper team who work with us. They can offer support, advice and arrange appointments with us.

What to do if you see a rough sleeper?

If you see a rough sleeper you can report them to Tamworth Borough Council’s Housing Solutions Team on 01827 709709. The Rough Sleeper Team will then investigate. Alternatively you can report the sighting to Street Link, a national agency to report to rough sleepers too. There number is 0300 500 0914 (please note that this may be an answer machine), you can also report rough sleepers via the Street Link website.

It is probably best not to approach a rough sleeper. However if you can make a note of clothing, any distinguishing features and their location, this information will be helpful to the Housing Solutions Team and the Rough Sleeper Team.

Cold weather provision

We can also provide temporary accommodation for any rough sleeper when very cold weather is forecast, for the duration of the bad weather. When this type of weather is forecast sleepers will be approached by the police, Community Wardens, our Housing Solutions Staff, or rough sleeper can refer themselves, and they will be offered temporary accommodation.