Local Development Scheme

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The Local Development Scheme (LDS) forms part of the Development Plan for Tamworth and sets out the Council’s programme for the preparation of Local Development Documents (LDDs) over a three-year period. Follow this link to view the Local Development Scheme document (March 2017). The three-year programme includes informing the public and other stakeholders about opportunities to get involved with the plan-making process and to let them know the likely dates for involvement. The LDS is also required to set out a longer-term programme for document preparation beyond three years.

The Council is committed to the programme set out in the LDS because of the benefits that an up to date and effective development plan and supplementary policies can have, including:

  • Community commitment to the future of the area;
  • Providing a means for co-ordinating the activities of different departments, agencies and organisations;
  • The role of plans in promoting regeneration and investment; by creating certainty and commitment to change and improvement;
  • The need for a clear audit trail to link bids for public funds to a coherent and soundly based strategy for the area; and
  • Providing a strongly justified basis for successful negotiations over development proposals and for developer contributions.

Contact: Tel: 01827 709279. Email: developmentplan@tamworth.gov.uk