Disclosure log

We often receive Requests For Information (RFI) under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations where the query is of the same thematic nature of a previous request. Responding to requests can place a resource strain on us, especially where they are complex or contain multiple questions. We treat a RFIs from an individual, a company or the media exactly the same.

A great deal of information is already publicly available on our website. In addition, our Disclosure Log below contains frequently asked requests and responses due to current local or national 'hot' topics or information asked for on a regular basis.

N.B. Staffordshire County Council is responsible for Education, Schools, Highways and Health & Social Services/Care, so any requests for information for these topics should be directed to them. You can do this and view their disclosure log on their website: www.staffordshire.gov.uk

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Non Domestic Rates

Commercial Rates listings, properties, credits, write offs, SBRR Relief, vacant properties, etc. The following NNDR List are requested on a regular basis, and contain details on accounts, credits, write offs and empty SBRR relief status.


Contracts and Tendering

Subject Request Response Date
ICT Contracts ICT service desk Feb 2017
  Spending on Computers/Laptops Mar 2017
  Scanners Jan 2018
  Mobile phone contract Jan 2018
  Council tax software Jul 2018
  IT Health Check Aug 2018
  LAN Contract Aug 2018
  Telephone system maintenance contract Aug 2018
Non ICT Contracts Virtual Learning Environments/e-learning Nov 2016
  Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Nov 2016
  Lift contract details and lift repair costs Feb 2017
  Vehicles, including type within councils refuse fleet May 2017
  E-Learning contract and suppliers Jun 2017
  Agreements surrounding GDPR - contractor- contract value/duration Nov 2017
  Supplier of service user/customer feedback surveys - value of contracts Nov 2017
  Construction and building maintenance contracts Nov 2017
  Spending on contracted caterers, disposable plastic lined cups  Dec 2017
  LCV Fleet Jan 2018
  Enforcement / Debt collection contracts Jan 2018
  In house vehicle fleet Feb 2018
  Contractors for Public and Private sector homes Feb 2018
  Outsourcing contracts Mar 2018
  Spending on fleet and services rendered to the council May 2018
  Name of Treasury Management advisors for Tamworth Borough Council 1997 - 2014 May 2018
  Data services Jun 2018
  Procurement Plan for electric vehicles Jul 2018
  Parking meter procurement Aug 2018

Environment, Recycling & Waste 

Subject Request Response Date
Public Space Protection Orders PSPOs & CPNs Dec 2016
  Public Space Protection Orders Apr 2018
  Public Space Protection Orders 2014-2018 Jun 2018
Dogs Microchipping of Dogs Jan 2017
  Dog Fouling - Number of Fines issued (by location) Feb 2017
Recycling & Waste Roadkill Oct 2016
  Street cleanliness Nov 2016
  Fly-tipping Nov 2016
  Litter FPNs Dec 2016
  Alternate Weekly Collections (AWC) Dec 2016
  Waste services Dec 2016
  Waste management at public events Dec 2016
  Recycling and plastic Jan 2017
  Charges to collect garden waste Feb 2017
  Cost to authority of clearing unauthorised encampments 2014-2017 Apr 2017
  The cost of travellers' unauthorised encampments and the process of moving them on May 2017
  Tax and green bin costs Dec 2017
  Fly tipping costs 2017 Jan 2018
  Waste Management Jan 2018
  Fly tipping Jan 2018
  Recycling Apr 2018
  Street Cleaning since 2010 Apr 2018
  Syringe removal 2016-2018 May 2018
  Household waste collection frequency May 2018
  General waste collection 2009-10 May 2018
  Fixed Penalty Notices for littering 2012-2017 Jul 2018
  Total waste collected by the authority 2015/2016/2017 Jul 2018
  Litter picking 2015/2016/2017 Aug 2018
  Electrical appliance recycling Aug 2018
    Aug 2018
Other Conserved Plant Species Jan 2017
  ‘Big Belly’ solar-powered bins Mar 2017
  Food that has been seized or voluntarily surrendered by a food business since Jan 2015 Mar 2017
  Noise nuisance complaints 2014 2016 Apr 2017
  Noise nuisance complaints 2016 Apr 2017
  Natural environment and rural communities Act 2006 section 40 duties Sep 2017
  Meat and meat products submitted for sampling and subject to food labelling checks Nov 2017
  Food hygiene inspections 2017 Feb 2018
  Fast food outlet complaints Feb 2018
  Tree Maintenance - Flora Close May 2018
  Contaminated Land Jun 2018
  Policy for maintenance of public places Jul 2018
  Spends on Gardening Services Jul 2018


Subject Request Response Date
Council Tax Council Tax Nov 2016
  Council tax query Nov 2016
  Council Tax accounts Nov 2016
  Council Tax payments Jan 2017
  Council Tax debt Jan 2017
  Non-Payment of Council tax Jan 2017
  Council Tax support scheme Feb 2017
  Figures for earnings from self employed residents to calculate eligibility for council tax relief Nov 2017
  Payment methods of council tax Jan 2018
  Recovering unpaid council tax Jan 2018
  Council Tax support scheme 2018/19 Apr 2018
  Court summonses issued for late or non payment of council tax May 2018
Disabled Facilities Disabled facilities Nov 2016
  Housing adaptions and disabled facilities (spending) Aug 2017
  Disabled Facilities Grants Jeb 2018
Discretionary Housing Payments Discretionary Housing payments Jan 2017
Homelessness Nightly booked/annexe accommodation Nov 2016
  Homelessness budget Nov 2016
  Bed & Breakfast Costs Dec 2016
  Homeless fines Jan 2017
  Temporary accommodation nightly rates Jan 2018
  Council funded homeless hostels Jan 2018
  Homeless young people Feb 2018
  Accommodated households in B&B Hotels Feb 2018
  Rough Sleepers Rough Sleepers attachment Mar 2018
  Rough sleeping outreach Rough sleeping outreach answers Mar 2018
  Homelessness Prevention Mar 2018
  Temporary Accommodation Apr 2018
  Intentional Homelessness Apr 2018
  Homeless Households that have been rehoused Apr 2018
  Homeless help approaches May 2018
  Temporary accommodation 2013-2018 Jul 2018
New Housing Self build and custom housebuilding register Jun 2018
Private Landlord Services Landlord immigration checks policy Dec 2016
  Private rented sector housing Dec 2016
  Private rented sector enforcement Jan 2017
  Enforcement action taken against private landlords 2012-2016 Apr 2017
  Private sector homes deemed as long term vacant Dec 2017
  Housing Benefit paid to private sector landlords Dec 2017
  Complaints about private landlords Response data spreadsheet Feb 2018
  25 Landlords receiving highest housing benefit Feb 2018
  Private Sector Landlords Licensing Scheme May 2018
  Postcodes/road names where landlords are required to have a selective licensing scheme May 2018
  Private landlord licensing offences May 2018
  Offences under the Housing Act 2004 May 2018
Right to Buy Right to Buy Sales Sep 2017
  Right to Buy Sales 2012-2017 Jul 2018
Other HMO properties Nov 2016
  War Pension Scheme & Care Nov 2016
  Housing company Nov 2016
  Tenant names forwarding addresses Nov 2016
  Council house waiting list Dec2016
  HMO licensing consultations Dec 2016
  Services for women Dec 2016
  Housing register Dec 2016
  Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (SVPRS) Dec 2016
  Social housing Jan 2017
  Tenants affected by new Benefit cap Jan 2017
  Selective & additional HMO schemes Jan 2017
  Council Funded Home Care Feb 2017
  Housing for war veterans and asylum seekers/refugees Feb 2017
  Breakdown of authority's social housing waiting list Mar 2017
  Temporary accommodation and sheltered housing Mar 2017
  18-21 year olds currently receiving housing benefit Mar 2017
  Council Houses Apr 2017
  Social Housing and Sustainability May 2017
  Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement programme Sep 2017

Private tenants claiming housing benefit from a bed and breakfast 2010/11-2015/16

Sep 2017
  Wheelchair accessible housing live requests and number let out to wheelchair users Sep 2017
  Temporary accommodation yearly from 2012/13-2016/17 Sep 2017
  Children being housed in temporary accommodation and B&Bs Nov 2017
  List of tower blocks 6 storeys and over - amount spent on fire risk assessors Nov 2017
  Social housing dwellings disposed of and demolished Dec 2017
  Complaints to the housing department Dec 2017
  Households currently on waiting list for social housing Dec 2017
  Extra funding provided for HRA Jan 2018
  Number of privately owned dwellings Jan 2018
  Domestic violence refuges Jan 2018
  Money received in lieu of affordable housing Jan 2018
  Housing Allocation Scheme Committee Feb 2018
  Council tenants evicted Feb 2018
  Women's refuges funding within the jurisdiction Mar 2018
  Social tenancy frauds 2016/17 Mar 2018
  Social and affordable homes Mar 2018
  Homes for affordable rent (not including social rent) Homes for affordable rent attachment Mar 2018
  Non-Traditional Housing Stock Apr 2018
  Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement programme May 2018
  Tower block fire safety - Harcourt, Peel, Stanhope, Strode, Townsend, Weymouth May 2018
  Vacant council-owned housing - 2016-18 data attachment May 2018
  Housing Inspections May 2018
  Council tenant households containing one or more children, receiving universal credit Jun 2018
  Council Properties - various questions Jun 2018
  HMO Licences Jun 2018
  Houses in Multiple occupancy (HMOs) Jun 2018
  Council owned properties with a live-in property guardian Jul 2018
  High rise residential buildings Jul 2018
  Rent arrears Jul 2018
  Council owned residential tower blocks Aug 2018
  Council owned new builds Aug 2018

Human Resources, Staffing and Structures                    

Subject Request Response Date
  Organisation information Nov 2016
  HR and Payroll department Nov 2016
  Street cleaners Nov 2016
  Pay bill costs for staff employed on NJC Green Book conditions Dec 2016
  Contact Information - various Jan 2017
  Drug and Alcohol policy Jan 2017
  Contact Information - Housing Jan 2017
  ICT structure Feb 2017
  Total number of employees and how many offices the council work from Mar 2017
  Employees made redundant broken (compulsory and voluntary redundancies) Mar 2017
  Employment Referencing procedures Apr 2017
  Falsified CVs/job applications Apr 2017
  Number of food safety and hygiene environmental health inspectors Apr 2017
  Salaries of employees suspended on 'gardening leave'? Apr 2017
  Number of Access Officers working within the council Apr 2017
  LA Counter Fraud Resources Apr 2017
  Heads of research, analysis, intelligence, performance Jul 2017
  List of directors and their positions within the authority (2017) Sep 2017
  Employees suspended. 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17 Sep 2017
  Funding for apprenticeships and number of apprentices employed Nov 2017
  Pool cars, employees using own cars, reimbursed mileage Nov 2017
  Contact details of directors Nov 2017
  Structure of the procurement department Dec 2017
  Street Scene Manager Dec 2017
  Executive roles recruited within the authority Dec 2017
  Redundancy 2011-17 Jan 2018
  Spending on agency staff Jan 2018
  Health and safety managers Feb 2018
  Heads of Health and safety, parks and grounds Mar 2018
  Revs and Bens Manager contact - contract procurement Mar 2018
  Special leave/public duty leave for staff to fulfil public duties Mar 2018
  ICT Structure Apr 2018
  Council Individual costs Apr 2018
  Staff members, Environment, within the authority May 2018
  Head of Planning and Legal services May 2018
  HR functions and workforce May 2018
  National Fraud Initiative / Director of Finance and HR May 2018
  Planning Department Aug 2018
  Waste and Recycling Department Aug 2018
  Bulk item collection contact Aug 2018
  Data Protection and information security contacts Aug 2018

Leisure Services and Partnerships​ 

Subject Request Response Date
Golf Course An archive of FOI requests pre 2015 is on our Golf Course Redevelopment webpage  
  Tree Preservation Orders on golf course site Mar 2015
Other Council spend on Christmas lights Nov 2016
  Christmas Lights Switch on Dec 2016
  Leisure Services Dec 2016
  Tamworth Football Club Ground Jan 2017
  Restrictions on Football grounds Jan 2017
  Council Owned Leisure Facilities Feb 2017
  Total annual cost of the free fireworks display Nov 2017
  Christmas lights switch on  Nov 2017
  Markets, fairs, festivals and other events managed by the authority Dec 2017
  Public Playgrounds Apr 2018
  Community Centres Aug 2018
  Expenditure on museums and galleries Aug 2018
  Football pitches Aug 2018

Parking Permits, Fines, PCNs

Subject Request Response Date
Parking Parking Meters / New Pound coin Feb 2017
  Money collected in unreturned change or over-vend from car parking meters/machines in 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16 Mar 2017
  Car Parking ticket machines and annual income Apr 2017
  Residential Parking permit charges Apr 2018
  Spinning School Lane Car park Parking Charge Notices May 2018
Parking fines Parking Fines Nov 2016
  Parking Challenges/appeals Dec 2016
  Parking Fines Apr 2017
  Number of PCN issued since 2015 Feb 2018
  Parking tickets issued Feb/Mar 2018 Mar 2018
  Parking fines issued to foreign-registered vehicles May 2018



Subject Request Response Date
  Planning Applications Nov 2016
  Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Nov 2016
  Planning Nov 2016
  Audit register Nov 2016
  Breach of condition notices Nov 2016
  Gypsy and traveller sites Dec 2016
  Mobile Network Plans Jan 2017
  Planning application decision over 26 weeks Feb 2017
  Brownfield Sites register and all local Government held assets Mar 2017
  Planning application system/ database Mar 2017
  Planning permissions agreed on developments in the financial years 2009-10 to 2016-17 May 2017
  Self build and custom housebuilding register Nov 2017
  Housing and Parking standards Jan 2018
  Planning permission granted for residential development Jan 2018
  Consulting the environmental agency regarding planning applications Feb 2018
  Planning applications regarding telecoms masts Feb 2018
  Payments under section 106 - planning agreements Feb 2018
  D1 Planning applications Feb 2018
  Affordable Homes numbers 2013-present Mar 2018
  Gypsy and Traveller encampments May 2018
  Section 106 planning agreements Jun 2018
  Complaints relating to hedges and fences Jul 2018
  Brownfield sitesBrownfield sites spreadsheet Jul 2018
  S106 planning obligations Jul 2018
  Unauthorised encampments Jul 2018

Public Health Burials

Subject Request Response Date
  Number of and Council’s spend on Pauper Funerals Dec 2016
  Paupers Funerals Dec 2016
  Pauper Funerals Dec 2016
  Genealogy and public health funerals Jan 2017
  Public health funerals 2011-17 Mar 2018
  Public health funerals since 2009 Mar 2018
  Public Health Funeral Costs May 2018
  Burial Plots Jul 2018
  Section 46 funerals Aug 2018

Public Registers, Lists and Licenses

Subject Request Response Date
Hackney Carriage & Private Taxis Taxi Drivers from other areas Nov 2016
  Taxi Licensing Nov 2016
  Taxi Licensing Dec 2016
  Vehicles licensed as a taxi or private hire - Dec 2005 to Feb 2017 Mar 2017
  Lists of Accessible Taxis under S167 Equality Act 2010 Apr 2017
  Wheelchair accessible hackney carriages and private hire vehicles Nov 2017
  Taxi/PH Drivers Jan 2018
  Number of private hire/hackney carriage licences issued since 2013 Feb 2018
  Registered Hackney Carriages 2017/18 May 2018
Animal Licenses & Registers Pet shop licensing Dec 2016
  Animal boarding services (kennels/catteries/homeboarders) issued a licence for 2017 Mar 2017
  Animals requiring licensing under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 Apr 2017
  Primate Licensing - 2017 Apr 2017
  Licencing under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 Jul 2018
Premises Licenses including liquor, betting & tattoo Shisha cafes Oct 2016
  Licensing Act 2003 Dec 2016
  Tamworth Premises Register Dec 2016
  Complaints against pubs Jan 2017
  Sex Establishments Jan 2018
  Number of Shisha Cafes Feb 2018
  Charities with house to house collection licences Mar 2018
  Sunbed operators Mar 2018



Subject Request Response Date
CiL Community infrastructure levy (CiL) Feb 2017
ICT Budget spent on cyber security Dec 2016
  FOI Recording Software Dec 2016
  Business Process Automation (BPA) Jan 2017
  Cyber Security Strategy Mar 2017
  Cyber attacks May 2017
  Development of mobile applications May 2017
  Provision of Assistive Technology May 2017
  IT Users and devices Jan 2018
  Cybersecurity incidents Feb 2018
  Payment solutions (income management and cash receipting) Mar 2018
  GIS Software May 2018
  Digital Transformation Strategy Jun 2018
  Risk based verification system for benefit claims Aug 2018
  Robotic process automation and or procurement departments Aug 2018
Electoral Political assistants Oct 2016
  People on the electoral register for EU Ref, end of 2016, 2017 general and most recent Nov 2017
  Third parties registered and regulated by the electoral commission Feb 2018
  Registered Voters/ Council Tax Arrears June 2018
Other Private hire operators of IVR Nov 2016
  Charity shops Nov 2016
  Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Nov 2016
  Electonic purchasing cards Nov 2016
  Solar panels and infrastructure Nov 2016
  Abandoned properties Nov 2016
  External law firms Nov 2016
  Emergency Planning Nov 2016
  Drug and alcohol treatment Nov 2016
  Outline of Situation Nov 2016
  Products catalogue Dec 2016
  Road Surfacing Jan 2017
  Cyclist Road Safety Incidents Jan 2017
  Looked after Children Jan 2017
  At home care for the elderly Jan 2017
  Public work services Jan 2017
  Referrals under the Prevent Scheme Feb 2017
  Councils formal maternity, paternity, parental and/or adoption leave policy for all councillors Feb 2017
  Council direct communication magazines Mar 2017
  Electric Vehicle Charging Apr 2017
  Private companies owned or part owned by the council Jul 2017
  2016 office print summary data Sep 2017
  Individuals received 'positive reasonable grounds decision' or 'positive conclusive decision' - modern slavery Nov 2017
  Software used by Media/Communications and public affairs Nov 2017
  Freedom of information processing Jan 2018
  Body cameras Jan 2018
  Social media advertising Feb 2018
  Financial resilience review Feb 2018
  Cost centre/account codes used by council. Associated spreadsheets Feb 2018
  Amount of money spent on procurement credit cards Feb 2018
  Non-residential council-owned empty properties 2016-17 Feb 2018
  Allocated budget for redevelopment Mar 2018
  Flights paid for since Jan 15 Mar 2018
  Council operated cemeteries Mar 2018
  Community Asset Transfer Policy (CAT) Mar 2018
  Insurance policies within the authority Mar 2018
  Claims history of the council Mar 2018
  Passenger vehicles operated by the authority Mar 2018
  Reams of paper used within the authority - expenditure on printing for internal use Mar 2018
  Alcohol and drug services - public health grants Mar 2018
  CCTV cameras operated by TBC Apr 2018
  Public toilets May 2018
  Tamworth Community Radio Transmitter May 2018
  The type of support and initiatives that the authority is able to offer to businesses May 2018
  Land owned by the council Jul 2018
  Funds used in relation to the establishment of a business improvement district Jul 2018
  Council Executive, committee and sub committee meetings held in private Jul 2018
  FOI statistics Jul 2018
  Community Protection Notices Aug 2018
  Correspondence trust staff or board members and tobacco companies Aug 2018
  Building or land transfer Aug 2018
  Roadside advertising Aug 2018
  Public toilets 1999- 2014 Aug 2018
  Budgets, spending and contacts Aug 2018