Your black bin

black binWe provide every household with a black wheelie bin and empty them on alternate weeks to your recycling.

What to put in your black bin 

Black bins are only meant for rubbish that cannot be recycled and for food waste.

We can only collect rubbish that is inside your black bin. Bins will not be emptied if they are heavy/overloaded and the lid must be shut. For health and safety reasons, we cannot collect side waste.

Please make sure your bin is at the kerbside from 7am on your collection day.

Additional black bin capacity is available for:

  • households of six or more
  • households of five that have one child under three years old
  • households of four that have two children under three years old
  • where specific medical conditions mean excess waste is generated

If you think you qualify, please call 0345 002 0022 so we can arrange for the appropriate form to be sent out to you for completion, so we can determine your eligibility. 

working together logoTo report a missed, damaged or lost bin, you can fill our online form in here or telephone 0345 002 0022 by the end of the next working day after it was due to be emptied. If the crew have not reported an issue with your bin, we will return within three working days to empty it. Please note there is now a £15 charge to replace lost or stolen black refuse bins only.

Find out when your bins will be emptied using the online bin calendar at the top of the Bins and Recycling page 

Our waste services are jointly operated with Lichfield District Council.