Local List Review Consultation

The Council is launching a review of the local list of buildings of architectural and historic importance and seeking comments on the current local list, as well as seeking new entries to the local list which can be assessed. Entries on the local list don’t need to be residential dwellings, and can also be commercial buildings monuments, structures, walls, parks and gardens.

The first stage of the process is a public consultation to seek comments on the criteria for deciding on locally Listed heritage assets and whether there are any further local considerations which need to be taken into account.

The current consultation on potential new entries to the local list and on the criteria for deciding entries on the local list, will last until 31st May 2017. The list of considerations for a locally listing has been based upon the guidance on Local listed heritage assets developed by Historic England, however there may be more localised factors to be considered in this assessment, so we would appreciate your views on the criteria.

The current local list, guidance note, flowchart of the process and the draft criteria are available at the following links:

If you have any comments regarding the above forms, or wish to nominate an entry for the Local List, please fill in the Draft Heritage Asset Nomination Form and email the form to us at: developmentplan@tamworth.gov.uk or alternatively send it in by post to Tamworth Borough Council, Local List Consultation, Development Plans, Marmion House, Tamworth B79 7BZ.

The second stage after the public consultation is for the Conservation Officer to undertake a review of each of the local listings. If you are an owner of a Local Listed property then you will soon receive a letter regarding the process. The Conservation Officer will be taking photos of your premises for the purpose of this work, and may involve the accessing of your gardens and if possible, the assessment of the internal features of your property. We would appreciate your cooperation in allowing the Conservation Officer to visit your premises to undertake this work.

The draft Local List will then be formalised and made available for public consultation for 6 weeks later in the year where we will invite comments from the community. A Local Listing Working Group will also be formed from Council Officer, County Council Officers, Elected Members and Statutory Bodies in order to decide on the entries into the local list, and residents, interested groups and the community will also be involved in this process.

To find out more about the Local List consultation, please contact a member of the Development Plan Team on 01827 709279 or email us at: developmentplan@tamworth.gov.uk